Sunday, December 28, 2008

In-law Visit

We have had a very nice visit with Myron's family. They arrived Friday night before I ever had dinner on the table. The girls were able to open their presents and start playing with some of the items. They got lots of accessories to go with their American Girl dolls.
On Saturday, we went to Chimney Rock. It turned out to be such a nice day. It started out very foggy but eventually cleared up enough that we could see beyond our noses.
A very nice lady agreed to take a picture of us all together with the clouds behind us. It was so beautiful up there.
Kathy set the timer on her camera to take this one. She only had 10 seconds to get in position. She almost tripped. We were laughing which made this the perfect picture. We all look so happy together don't we? Thanks to Kathy almost busting her tail. Not funny ... really.
The 400 foot Hickory Nut Waterfall. Just amazing. A scene from Last of the Mohicans was filmed at these falls.
That night for dinner we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Tupelo Honey Cafe. I can't believe we haven't taken them there before. It is so yummy. It has been featured in Southern Living and on Fine Living channel.
On Sunday, we attended church where there seemed to be more visitors than regulars. It was a very nice service about the Holy Family. We had a visiting priest whose parents are parishioners of St. Eugene. He did such a wonderful job. We had lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. Then did a little shopping. Kathy was looking for a TV and was lucky enough to find one in her price range at Circuit City. Yeah, Kathy!!!
That concludes the short visit with the in-laws. They will be pulling out of here tomorrow morning. Then Myron and I will both head off to work. I hope to bribe my kids with lunch and a movie if they behave while I am at work. We will see out it goes.
My thankful thought is Visiting Priests. Sometimes you just need a change from the same ol' same ol'. We love Fr. John. But it is nice to hear someone else on occasions.

Friday, December 26, 2008

There are TWO today

I have two thankful thoughts today. One really isn't so thankful but I am trying to find the good. The first thankful thought is returned Christmas cards. It just wouldn't be Christmas without at least one coming back. It never fails... every year one card comes back to me usually because I forgot to put a stamp on it. This year, however, it is because someone moved and didn't tell me. Thank you Sheena. So they probably didn't send me a card because I didn't send them one. But I did ... the forwarding has expired. To the Hunter family... you will be getting a card only a little late.

My second thankful thought are in-laws. They are traveling up today to spend a few days with us during the holiday. I am very thankful they are making the 9-10 hour trip this year instead of us. Not a very nice thing to be thankful for but that is what it is. I pray they have a very safe uneventful trip.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Yes, it is Christmas morning and we are done with all the Santa and opening of presents. And we have had breakfast.

As I cleaned the kitchen, I was thinking I needed to post a little something. I want to wish everyone a Very, Merry Christmas and hope your Year 2009 brings many blessings.

The girls received lots of goodies from Santa. They both got American girl dolls: Bethany got Felicity and Sarah got Mia. Bethany also received a stable with two horses, pajamas for her doll, and Wowee Alive Tiger cub. Sarah also received a tea parlor set for her doll, puppy play set, and Wowee Alive Lion cub.

We will readying the house for the in-laws that will be traveling for a visit this weekend. Joan, John and Kathy are all coming up and we are all very happy that there is no chance of snow. Please remember them in your prayers that they will have a safe travel.

I will try to post pictures later today ... if there is time. Myron will probably have me working my tail off cleaning the house ... Oh Yeah!!!!

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Home Again

The girls and I are back from a very nice visit with my family. We were able to see my brother and his whole family on Saturday. We had a nice steak dinner and exchanged gifts. I think it was a success all around.

Sunday we spent all day in New Site, AL ... where the church my Dad pastors is located. The morning service included Baby Dedication. I was so happy to be there for little Harper's dedication. My girls even sang their school Christmas program songs.

We had lunch with a lovely family ... the Cokers. Wanda made a delicious feast. I especially enjoyed her hashbrown casserole and banana pudding ... yummy!!!

We then took the girls to the Horseshoe Bend National Park where we learned a little about the battle that took place there between the white men and the Creek Indians. The girls were able to get some information to take back to share with their classes.

That night the children of Rocky Creek Baptist Church (RCBC) put on a Christmas program. I had such a hard time knowing which kid was which and who they belonged to. All of them have grown so much. Plus, it has been over a year since I have seen them. It was such a sweet program.

I love RCBC and am so glad I was able to spend some time with the people there. You know the saying that "you can never go home again". Well, it just doesn't apply to me when it comes to RCBC. I always feel at home there.

Monday's thankful thought is ungrateful children. They help to keep life in perspective ... help me to remember to teach them to think of others rather than themselves.

Tuesday's thankful thought is a husband who was at home waiting for us to get home. That is right. Hard to believe, uh?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Thankful Thought

Today I am thankful for my girls. They can be so cute sometimes. I just downloaded pictures from my camera and saw all the pictures I took while the girls were decorating the tree and pictures I tried to take of them at the Grove Park. I really enjoyed some of them and hope you do too.

Tomorrow's thankful thought will be Family. The girls and I will be traveling to Opelika, AL to spend a few days with my family. Unfortunately, Myron will not be able to go with us. He could but the trip would be too quick. I wanted to have a little more time with my parents. Although, we saw them in October; it was a very quick trip to celebrate Sarah's birthday. This time will be more relaxed ... I hope.
Sunday's thankful thought will be RCBC (Rocky Creek Baptist Church). It was my home church before I joined the Catholic church. I love the people there so much. They have really been good to my family over the last ... um ... 21 years? Is that right? Oh my!!!
I will reflect on Monday and Tuesday next week if I don't get a chance to blog before I get back home.
Now, on to dinner....

3rd & 4th Day of Thanksgiving

Okay, so I didn't stick to the daily Thanksgiving assignment I gave myself. But I did think about it yesterday. I wracked my brain for a good 30 seconds trying to think of something I was thankful for on Wednesday. Unfortunately, I couldn't come up with anything. So I moved on.

We were home so late last night, I didn't even turn the computer on. So, I sit here today to tell you of my Thursday Thanksgiving. I am thankful for school Christmas programs. I really am. The girls made us very proud parents last night. You could really tell they were having a good time. Mrs. Rita Pisano is amazing. She writes the programs so that every class has a part. Last night's program was a contest between all of Heaven's angel choirs. Each class was a choir of angels with a unique look and song. There were three judges who were to decide which choir would sing at the birth of Our Saviour. It was fabulous for a small school program. Here are the clips of my girls and their classes.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2nd Day of Thanksgiving

Today, I am thankful for good friends. Four of my friends came over for Breakfast and a movie. We had a very nice breakfast and then headed downstairs to watch The Holiday. We laughed, some cried, and chatted. It was so relaxing and enjoyable. I think this should be a regular event ... not just at Christmas but every month. I will have to think on that one.

Monday, December 15, 2008


I feel on the verge of cracking. Tonya, you will never know how good you made the loony bin sound. That absolutely sounded like a piece of Heaven to me. I do not want to have to think, decide, or do anything. I have lost my Christmas Spirit and am unsure how to even go about finding it.

Actually, I know what some of my problem is ... I'm tired ... very tired. I really felt this morning like I had just gone to bed and I was getting up. I need a good, looooong night's sleep. So hopefully tonight, I can go to bed early ... maybe right after I put the girls to bed. That sounds really good right now. That's where being heavily sedated would come in very helpful.

I am very glad that I don't have to cook dinner tonight. Myron grilled out last night so all I have to do is reheat everything. YEAH!!! There is something to be thankful for and feel genuinely happy about.

I hope that soon I will have something positive and uplifting to write about. I am actually tired of hearing myself complain. Maybe I will start blogging about something I find to be thankful for each day. There is an assignment for me. Plus, it will make me blog on a daily basis. We'll see.....

Until another day.....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Evening

I finally feel like I am coming to the end of the mad rush to make sure everyone has a Christmas present from us. I finally decided to just give up on the niece and nephews and just get them gift cards. Except one, who did give my Mom a list of lots of things. He is getting an actual gift from us. The others can just make due. I am at a loss of what to get teenagers. Their list either doesn't exist or has items too expensive for me.

The tree is finally decorated after sitting in my kitchen for almost a week. As I cooked dinner Friday evening, I put the lights on the tree ... multi-tasking is the only way to get anything done. I got to the last strand of my regular lights. When I plugged it in, only half of the strand worked. UGH!!! They were all working Wednesday night. Bethany decided she wanted to help me and was holding the special lights (just bigger bulbs but I put it on last). Anyway, I guess she got tired of waiting or something because I looked down and there were bulb fragments on my kitchen floor. I just about lost it. Here I was trying to get the tree ready so they could hang the ornaments, I have a strand that only half the lights are working and a strand with broken bulbs on it. Of course, I only had three replacements so that strand went back into storage until I can find the time to buy new bulbs. At this point, I was about to just throw all the Christmas out in the yard and forget it this year. I am at that point right now. BAH HUM BUG!!! Have I said that before?

I am having some of my friends over Tuesday for Breakfast and a Movie. I don't know what movie we are going to watch. I wanted it to be a Christmas movie but I can't seem to make a decision. I will just have to see what Movie Gallery has to offer tomorrow. The part I am more worried about right now is my house. It is a total disaster. I cannot for the life of me find a way to keep it somewhat tidy. Last week was so horrible; although I prayed for a snow day ... a real snow day that closed the schools. I knew it would force me to stay home and then I could have cleaned all day even though the girls would have been here. I can find so many other things to do once I am out dropping the girls off at school. Plus, I had to work. I schedule ministers at our church and had to get the next quarter schedule out.

Of course, that is a whole other issue. I don't even want to go into how uncooperative people can be. It doesn't matter how the schedule goes out someone has to complain about it. Since it is mostly done by e-mail, I think I am going to start ignoring the e-mails. I will read them but not respond to them. I know that sounds unprofessional and maybe a little childish but I can't say what I really want to say like " GROW UP!" "BE PATIENT I AM STILL LEARNING!" "It's a COMPUTER PROGRAM ... I have no control over how often one person is scheduled." "Maybe the computer knows I don't like you so it is not picking you."
Okay Wendy, take a step back. Where is your Christian attitude?
Probably the same place my Christmas Spirit is gone on vacation to. Only they both forgot to take me with them.

I am doing way too much complaining. Let me think of something positive to say... hmmm ... uh ... um ... okay, well... I'm still thinking .... I'll try this. I get to see my parents next weekend. The girls and I are going to head down on Saturday to spend a few days with my family. Myron doesn't have much vacation left since he took a week for the beach and a week for Disney. What time he has will have to be taken when his family is here visiting. So he will be left behind to all the projects he says he doesn't have much time for. It will be nice because we can go to church with my parents on Sunday which I am looking forward to. I think I need a good dose of Baptist preaching, worshipping something right now. I can't seem to find the joy in life. I think I need a break and Christmas will help with that, I hope.

I am sitting here like I have nothing to do. There is laundry, dishes, and clutter just waiting to be dealt with.

Good Night!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Myron!

That's right. Today is my hubby's big day. Unfortunately for him, he had to work but was home before the girls and I ate dinner. So we sat down as a family to eat. I picked him up from work and took him out for lunch, also. He got the movie Dark Knight and a gym system that hooks on the door. I don't know ... it was something he asked for so I bought it.

This has been a very hectic week. The PFA had their annual Santa Shop this week. Two of my very dear friends were chairing it so I was involved a great deal. Between volunteering there, working and trying to get Christmas shopping in, I am frazzled. I am making myself sit down tonight to try to address my Christmas cards. There will be NO letter this year. I just don't have the time or energy to write one out and I don't want to rush something like that.

We did get our tree last Saturday. It is still sitting in my kitchen undecorated. The lights were working and as you have already read, I haven't had the time to work on them. Which means the ornaments can't go on until the lights are on. Myron and I finally switched out the blown bulbs tonight. Hopefully, I can find some time tomorrow to put the lights on and then the girls can decorate on Friday. I still don't have my nativity scene or Christmas village up. I'm thinking it just may have to pass this year. I fell in the Bah Hum Bug mood this year as far as decorating. I just don't feel like finishing it because my house is in such a mess. There is laundry everywhere and dishes piled in the sink and on the counters. There just aren't enough hours in the day. And I don't live close enough to school or work to run home long enough to get a load of laundry going. I have to factor in drive time when planning a trip home. It is really bugging me this week, can you tell?

Let's see... I still have to help Bethany make an instrument and go over spelling words with both girls before Friday. We also have violin tomorrow afternoon. And I have to decide about dinner. Can you believe it? We just finished dinner a few hours ago and I am already having to think about dinner for tomorrow.

Oh, did I post that I hurt my neck? You will never guess how I did it. I ate trail mix. Can you believe it? My jaw felt like I had been chewing a hard piece of gum for hours when I was done eating the trail mix. By that night, my muscles were tightening up and by Tuesday, I couldn't turn my head. It was very painful. But nothing compared to the hurt my Chiro put on me Thursday morning. Oh My Gosh!!! It was worse than childbirth. She kept telling me to breath and I kept asking how was I supposed to do that. It was awful. But I am much better now. Just a little discomfort but much better.

I have got to get in the bed. I am exhausted. These cards will just have to wait another day.

Good Night!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Snowing .... AGAIN!!!

Maybe school will be out tomorrow. One can only hope. Not that I want the girls to miss any school right now. It will just mean they have to make it up some time and it could mean Spring Break. And I know I don't want that.

I was hoping school would have been closed today. There was talk of a system moving in last night, today, tonight kind of thing. It has snowed on and off all day. This morning was a little scary because there was snow on the driveway. Now, our driveway is pretty steep and just starting out down it is a little overwhelming. I was so scared. I knew I didn't want to slide down the driveway. But we made it safe and sound.

I just wanted one more day of Thanksgiving vacation. A day of not having to get up early. I would have loved to sleep in just one more day. But not today. I had to get up and get going. No laying around for me.

There, Tonya... two updates in one day. How was that?

Oh My!!! Where have I been?

I know, I know... My friend, Tonya, has been on my case yet again to update the Blog. I just seriously have not taken the time to do it. I don't even know where to start. The last time I blogged, I see, was Nov. 4th (Election Day ... let's not go there).

We left on Nov. 8th for Disney.

We drove to Charlotte and caught a plane to Orlando. We were there until Sun. Nov. 16th. We had such a good time. Although we were there for 8 days, we still didn't see everything. It was so overwhelming. But we did try very hard to keep the girls happy by going where they wanted to go and doing the things they wanted to do.
They ended up with 37 autographs. WOW!!! That is waiting in line for 37 people to sign a little piece of paper. I bet you can't guess what the longest wait was? If you guessed Tinker Bell, you would be right ... 90 minutes was the wait. And we waited every bit of 90 minutes to get Tink's signature. But I have to say, it was probably worth it.

Our first night there, we went to the Magic Kingdom for a few hours. As we drove in, the castle came into view. Sarah got so excited "there's the castle. Look Mommy, there is the castle." She was bouncing in her seat. That was a very bright moment of the trip ... just seeing her face at that moment.

We also had our little girls turned into princesses. Not that they weren't princesses before but after their adventure to the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique, they became real princesses.

Bethany before...
Sarah before...
Our little Princesses.

They had so much goop in their hair. They normally have bangs but you couldn't tell it after the makeover. It was fun though ... just not for Daddy.
At the Princess Luncheon, I had my picture made with Ariel. She is my favorite princess. How fun was that?

Animal Kingdom

We really did have a good time. Sarah keeps asking when are we going back. I would pack my bags tomorrow if I could. I would love to go back and see some of things I didn't get to see.
Well, this is the best I can do for now. My computer is so slow at downloading the pictures. I would love to share all of them with you but just don't have the time to download them all. I will try to be better with my updates.