Friday, April 24, 2009

At Wits End

I am really at my wits end. And the sad thing is that this has been an issue since the very beginning. It is not anything new. I guess it just bothers sometimes more than others. Sarah is the worst eater. I mean so bad. It started early on when she first started eating regular food. I used to have to mix fruit in with her food to get her to eat it. I guess that was the wrong thing to do. But you can't very well reason with a 6 month old. If she didn't want it, she didn't eat it.

Now, we have a child that is SO stubborn and I still can't reason with her. There was a time I had taken every stuffed animal away from her. The shelf in our closet was so full. AND she still wouldn't eat. I feel like I have tried everything. There just doesn't seem to be one item that pushes her to eat what is in front of her.

Monday night I had to take a toy away from her to get her to eat. It seemed to upset her but not enough to eat. Then tonight, I told her if she didn't eat, there would be no movie. There was a movie that came on Disney that both girls wanted to see. She had at least 40 minutes to eat her dinner. Guess what? She was still sitting at the table when the movie started. So NO movie for her. The possibility of her not seeing the movie was not motivation enough for her to eat. Why is that?

She is so stubborn. She gets that from her Daddy.

The only thing I haven't tried is giving her a plate of food for dinner and if she doesn't eat it, give it to her for breakfast the next day and so on until she is so tired of seeing that same plate that she finally eats it to not have to see it again. A friend told me about that strategy but I just can't seem to make myself do it. I remember a time my Granddaddy telling me I would have to eat for breakfast what I didn't eat for dinner the night before because my eyes were bigger than my stomach. Maybe there was some knowledge in that saying. Of course, Sarah's eyes are not bigger than her stomach ... her taste buds (or it is her mind playing games with her) just don't like what is on her plate. All she wants is pizza, spaghetti, lasagna ... wait, there is a trend there. Maybe she has a bit of Italian in her (ha ha ha).

Anyway, something has to give here. I am tired of fighting with her at dinner time. And that is the only time I really have issues. Breakfast is bad but I don't have time to fight with her. So if she doesn't eat much, I don't think about it. Not a very good mother, I know.

Thankful thought: I need to find something to be thankful for where Sarah is concerned. I don't want to beat her down to you. She is my loving child. She is the one I can pull in my lap and hug and kiss on. She will let me love her anytime just not anywhere. I am thankful for that. And Bethany is my eater. She will eat anything I put in front of her ... she may not like it but she will usually eat it with vocal complaints.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Look at Me Go!!!

Yes, I am posting twice in one week. How funny is that? Ha Ha Ha

Well, I have a few things to share but am not going to go into a lot of detail right now. But I am feeling a little sad and overwhelmed. Myron and I (mostly Myron) are having to make a very hard decision (and NO we are not getting divorced ... we are still happily married ... at least some times it is "happily"). There are just a lot of things to look at and consider regarding this decision. So, we need your prayers right now.

My only prayer is that God will show us the answer and open the doors we need to enter through.

My thankful thought is ... why have I never said this before ... I am thankful for a loving God who does show us the way He wants us to go; sometimes we just don't always choose that way. My prayer tonight is to choose the right path.

Good night for now.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I noticed my last post was on February 25th ... WOW!!! So much has happened since then. A friend of mine told me yesterday she went to my blog and noticed there was nothing new. Oh the GUILT!!!

Well here it goes....

My parents (Nana and Pop) came up for Bethany's birthday. While they were visiting, they got to see the class presenting their famous person project. Bethany was Louisa May Alcott. Nana made her dress which Bethany just loved and so did I. I never could have given Bethany such a lovely costume to wear. Thank you, Nana!

Saturday, February 28th we celebrated Bethany's 8th Birthday. She had three friends over for a Play Date Party. The girls brought their American Girl dolls that were put down upon entering the house to be picked up on their way out. They played Monopoly, ate pizza and cake, watched a movie with popcorn and played. I think they had a good time. And of course, it was horse themed.

One of the things Bethany asked for was a Nutcracker. Thanks to a persevering Grandma, Bethany got it.

If you remember from some of my previous posts, I was having problems with my car. There was a vibration that the dealership just couldn't track down. With my parents in town, I knew we would be using their car so I left my car at the service shop for three days. Myron went Saturday to pick it up. That afternoon after I dropped the girls back at their homes, we went and traded my car for a minivan. YIPPEE!!!! I was so excited. The only drawback is the color: Silver. I really, really, REALLY did not want a silver vehicle. But considering it was the last one left, I had to settle. So I called John, the Service Dept. Manager, on Monday and told him he could have the car as long as he wanted to figure out what was wrong with it because I didn't need it anymore.
Moving on.... Sunday, March 1st it began to snow. It was quite messy on our way home from church that day. Monday, Bethany's actual Birthday, was a snow day. Fortunately, the driveway cleared up before lunch because we didn't get as much snow as South of us did. The girls had money to spend. Bethany had Birthday and Report Card money and Sarah had Report Card money. Pop gives them a dollar for every "VG" they earn on their Report Card. He had to pay them for two Report Cards. So we went shopping. They wanted to go to Target which I was more than happy to take them. The sad thing is ... I don't remember what they bought ... hmm.

My brother called me on Tuesday the 17th to say he wanted to come for a visit. I was very happy that he chose to come see me. He got here late, late Thursday night on his motorcycle with my niece, Brailee. I didn't know she was coming but was very happy to see her. Friday, we went to the Dillard's outlet store, ate at Moose Cafe and took the girls to Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party. Jason was so excited about that adventure (NOT!!!). Brailee had a good time though. They left on Saturday morning. It was a quick visit but very good to see them both.

Where did March go? Now I am into April. April has been a very busy month and is almost over. Oh My!!! April brought the Book Fair at school, shutters installed in our basement, Grandparent's Day (which Nana came back up for), Spring Break.....

Yes, Spring Break. A friend of mine, Traci, and I took our girls to Murrells Inlet, SC for a mini vacation. My Uncle Mark's wife, June, has a condo down there and let us use it for four days. We had such a good relaxing time.
The pool water was soooooo cold. I don't know how they did it.
The ocean water was just as cold as the pool but they would not stay out of it. I didn't have the heart to make them. They were having such a good time running around and playing in the sand while I sat on a blanket in the sand with a jacket on.
Now that we are back in school, there is a load of things coming up in the next few weeks. Bethany will have her First Communion on Saturday, May 2nd. Both sets of Grandparents are coming up for that big event. While they are here, the girls will be playing in a Violin Recital on Sunday. They both have to play a solo piece which is so exciting for the Grandparents to be a part of. Then on Monday the 4th, the school will be hosting their BIG annual Fundraiser. I am already stressed out about that weekend. But it will all be GOOD!!!!
Let's see... My thankful thought for the MONTH is Grandparents. I love that my parents have been able to be a part of different events in my girls' lives, that they have been willing to travel up here so much in just a few short months. I am also grateful that Myron's parents are coming up for Bethany's First Communion and will be able to witness, for the first time, one of the girls' recitals.
I hope everyone has a good night.

Friday, April 3, 2009


I only have a minute. I have got to get the girls in the bed. But I have been feeling a little guilty because I haven't posted in such a long time. And the sad thing is... I really do have things to share (some good, some b****y, some bad... you get the point). I will try very hard to find some time tomorrow to at least give a quick update of the Younce Family. There really is so much to share in words and pictures. So please come back in a few days to find out what exciting things are going on.

Good night for now. You know, I really do miss posting my thankful thoughts. I need to get back to that.