Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Day Before Easter

Last night we decided to watch the Passion since it was Good Friday. It is always hard to watch the representation of what might have happened to Jesus. It makes me SO mad to watch those idiots beat Him while He is trying to carry that cross ... UGH! Then they would yell at Him when He fell.

One thing I do like about the movie is the role of Mary. Not only did she say "YES!" to God's request for her to carry his son but she stands by and watches God's will take place in her son's life by watching Him die on that cross. The first time I ever watched the movie, I felt that mother connection with her character. I cried the whole time just trying to imagine what she must have suffered.

There are always details that I don't catch the first time watching a movie. Veronica for instance. I forgot she was represented in the movie. Sarah chose her as her saint this past All Saint's Day so we were able to study a little about her. Then there is Simon of Cyrene. That sparked an interest to find out if he was canonized by the Catholic Church. I couldn't find any information to verify it. he could have been added to the saints list before the process of canonization started.

There were definitely some catholic touches to the movie which I didn't notice before :)

Today, the girls have spent the afternoon decorating eggs. Such a messy job and unfortunately, the colors do not come out as vibrant on brown eggs as they probably do on white. All that matters is they had fun and used their creative juices.

Tomorrow we will go to church in our new dresses, come home for a light lunch, hunt Easter eggs then prepare our delicious Easter dinner .... Mmmmmm!

I hope to post pictures of the girls in their dresses tomorrow. Enjoy the egg pictures for today.