Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Soccer Begins

Both girls signed up for soccer this season. And they are on different teams. Practice officially started this past Monday with Sarah playing at 5:30 and Bethany at 6:30. I am happy they are on the same day; I just wish they had been at the same time.

It has been crazy. So many kids signed up, there are 16 on Bethany's team and 17 on Sarah's team. I'm not sure how much time they will actually get to play. Hopefully, they will have a good time anyway. Only 9 can play at a time.

Bethany's coach, Gary, likes to have a practice game before the season actually starts. Guess which team he asked to play against? Sarah's team. This should be good. Both girls playing against each other. Which team am I going to cheer for? I guess I will just CHEER for both!!!! They will be playing each other next Saturday the 2nd.

I haven't taken time to watch too much of the practices because I have been taking the time to exercise. I am training for a 5k ... yeah, what was I thinking?!?!?!? I am on the 5th week of training. It is going better than I had thought. I actually have looked forward to the homework days. The 5k is scheduled for Saturday, April 30th. I haven't signed up but need to get that done so that I don't give up.

Well, I have laundry and dishes to get done. I am not going to get it done sitting here. I will try to take pictures from soccer to post soon.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Approaching Party

As I stated earlier, there was a party planned for Bethany on the 5th but she was sick and we had to cancel. At the time, I had NO idea when we would re-schedule. Myron's work schedule is SO crazy right now. I don't know what weekends he is working. Finally, the 19th .... AHHHHH!!!!! ... the 19th became the date. So I called the friends and they are both available ... YEAH!!!!

I spent two weeks ago cleaning the house for the party on the 5th then the house went to pot. Now I will be spending this week cleaning the house yet again. I wish I could be one of those people who just kept it clean every week. But I canNOT seem to find a happy place with that one.

It is really not a big deal party. Bethany is having two friends over: one from Asheville is coming down and one from SC. They will play, eat pizza and have cookie cake. Bethany really wants to go ice skating also. Those 4 hours will go by quickly. But then, I do not care if the girls stay later. It will give me time with my friend who is bringing her daughter down from Asheville.

The girls have really enjoyed ice skating. Luckily, we have an ice skating rink very close by.

Tomorrow, I will be cleaning bathrooms and kitchen, dusting and vacuuming. But then some of these things will need to wait until later in the week. I do NOT want to have to RE-DO any of these chores. I am SO lazy and I KNOW IT!!!

Health Update

I joined the Y back in October. I have gone 3 to 5 days a week since then. Some weeks have been better than others, but for the most part, I make it a point to stop at the Y after dropping the girls off at school.

I started the Wellness Works program at the Y. I went in for a fitness test with Tasha, whom I adore. She has been such a great encouragement for me. She set me up with goals and a plan. After 16 weeks, I went in for a re-evaluation to see how I was doing with my goals ... yeah, not so good. I lost 5 pounds, whoop-ti-do, and had decreased my body fat by tenths of points. I did increase some of my strength which was a plus. But for the most part, I was not very happy with the results. Of course, I knew kind of what it was going to be since I had been getting on the scale at home and my clothes were not fitting any differently. BUT, I push on. Keeping up with my routine and trying very hard to not get discouraged. It helps tremendously to have a friend who pushes me also. Her name is Michelle. A single mother of six kids. If she can get to the gym, so can I.

Then I went to the doctor. Yeah, what was I thinking? They did all the routine checks. Everything checked out except ...... my cholesterol. YIKES!!!! My bad cholesterol has been very, very bad. I guess I need to have a little chat with them to get that number in check and decrease the amount I have. I had to go back in for a follow-up appointment to discuss this very, very bad number with the doctor. Of course, I am double-whammied. Both my parents suffer from high cholesterol ... Thanks Mom & Dad ;). Being a Dr., the first thing she wanted to do was prescribe medications which I immediately refused. I know I can lower the number without it. I have a few things against me right now: overweight and diet. I know if I get the lifestyle diet in control, keep exercising and drink a glass of wine a night, I can get the numbers down. I have no problem drinking the wine every night. In fact, I think I will go get that glass right now while I type this out. Be right back......

I'm back with a glass of The Wolftrap. Yummy. Maybe it will help me sleep tonight since my sleep was disturbed last night with the time change ... UGH!!!

I got sidetracked. Where was I? Oh yes, doctor's orders are to get a handle on my eating and exercise 7 days a week. She said shoot for 7 but 4 would be good. She has also referred me to a nutritionist. Maybe they can give me some ideas of where I am going wrong. Of course, if I REALLY look at EVERYthing I am eating, I would see it for myself. I just don't want to look.

I go back in 6 months. I do hope I can do this. It will be hard during the Summer to get to the Y with the girls in tow. But I HAVE to find a way. I have no other choice.


I have such wonderful friends. And it hurts when one is sick. My heart aches for my dear friend, Linda, has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This will be my 2nd friend who has been diagnosed since I moved from North Carolina. She just started her treatments last week. On top of that she has a respiratory infection.

I did receive a text from her a few weeks ago that stated no other cancer was found in the rest of her body. To me that sounded like good news.

I have not spoken to her since the day she told me of the diagnosis. That is definitely on my list of phone calls to make tomorrow. It is hard for me not being close by.

I pray God will put his healing hand upon her, wrap her in His loving arms and comfort her.

March 2nd

On March 2nd, my big girl turned the Big "10". Bethany is growing up so fast. We had a small family celebration at home for her that night. She wanted doughnuts brought in at school to share with her classmates. Then that evening we had dinner with chocolate chip cookie bars because that is what she asked for. Myron said "it's her birthday. She needs a cake." But she didn't want cake, she wanted cookie bars.

Some of her presents consisted of a charm with the number "10" engraved on it for her bracelet, a new outfit, games for the Wii and DSi, American Girl braces set, friendship bracelet maker, Polly Pocket Cruise Ship, and money.

We had planned a small party with two of her friends on Saturday the 5th. Unfortunately, Bethany was sick and we had to cancel. We re-scheduled for this weekend. Hopefully we can make it happen for her.