Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Soccer Begins

Both girls signed up for soccer this season. And they are on different teams. Practice officially started this past Monday with Sarah playing at 5:30 and Bethany at 6:30. I am happy they are on the same day; I just wish they had been at the same time.

It has been crazy. So many kids signed up, there are 16 on Bethany's team and 17 on Sarah's team. I'm not sure how much time they will actually get to play. Hopefully, they will have a good time anyway. Only 9 can play at a time.

Bethany's coach, Gary, likes to have a practice game before the season actually starts. Guess which team he asked to play against? Sarah's team. This should be good. Both girls playing against each other. Which team am I going to cheer for? I guess I will just CHEER for both!!!! They will be playing each other next Saturday the 2nd.

I haven't taken time to watch too much of the practices because I have been taking the time to exercise. I am training for a 5k ... yeah, what was I thinking?!?!?!? I am on the 5th week of training. It is going better than I had thought. I actually have looked forward to the homework days. The 5k is scheduled for Saturday, April 30th. I haven't signed up but need to get that done so that I don't give up.

Well, I have laundry and dishes to get done. I am not going to get it done sitting here. I will try to take pictures from soccer to post soon.


gabber247 said...

Good for you and your 5K!!! Way to go girl! ARe you running it? Or walking? So proud of you! Have fun with it!

Tonya said...

That comment from gabber247 is mine! I didn't realize Max's blogger account was signed in! Oops!