Friday, April 1, 2011

Moving Along

Me Update: Finally, the scale is moving ... not fast but moving down instead of fluctuating. I am trying very hard to stay off the scale, keeping it to one time a week. That seems to help. I lost three pounds two weeks ago and have been able to keep it off plus I lost an additional pound this week. I will keep my fingers crossed that the one pound stays off. I am going to DEFEAT that scale if it takes me a year ... I WILL CONQUER!!!! I have hit the gym around 6 times a week for the last three weeks. I am also participating in a Walk to Run program. By the end of the 10 weeks, I should be ... WILL be ... able to run a 5K which is scheduled for April 30th. Go Me!!!! I have finished 6 of the 10 weeks ... well, I will be completely finished with the 6th week this weekend when I do my homework. Soccer Update: The girls are on different teams. Bethany is playing in the 10-11 year old group and Sarah is in the 8-9 year old group. BUT, tomorrow they will be playing a practice game against each other. This should be very, very interesting. I am interested to see how Sarah plays in an actual game. She has shown some very strong aggression and spirit. Bethany is much more reserved but came alive last season in soccer. So it will be good to see them play against each other. Other News: The NC house is still for sale. The SC house is still getting fixed up a little bit at a time. We bought a new back door. I am having to paint it which takes time. Hopefully, it will get installed next weekend. I have got to go to the grocery store but have to finish my list first. I am not getting that done sitting here, but I wanted to get an update in. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Finally, the rain has stopped for us. We should have a sunshiny weekend.

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Tonya said...

You go girl!!!!! The slower the pounds come off, the more likely they are to STAY off!!!! Proud of you!!!