Thursday, April 28, 2011

All About ME!!!

Well, I finally registered to run in the YMCA Run 4 Fun 5K last Thursday. I had put it off because I wasn't sure my body was going to hold up. I had tried running before a few years ago and ended up hurting my knees. So, I wanted to make sure my knees were going to "hold" me up through the 10 week training program. And they did. I felt them for about two weeks in the middle of the training, but they would recover before I had to run again.

And of course, now that I have registered, my foot hurts. Not my knees ... my right foot. I have suffered a little discomfort in the heel of my right foot for over a year. I contributed it to bad shoes then wearing flip flops all Summer. Then on Tuesday as I was running, my heel REALLY started to hurt, but I finished. Then, I could NOT walk for the rest of the day. I limped all afternoon long and into Wednesday morning.

I made an appointment with a foot doctor to find out what the problem was. Turns out I have Plantar Faciitius. Of course, Doc says I should limit ALL physical activities. In the end, he did say "HE" would run the race if it where "him". But I will have to baby it afterwards. He realized I had trained very hard for this moment.

As long as I have my shoes on, walking is not a problem. I just cannot walk barefooted which I shouldn't do anyway. For now, my plans are to get up bright and early Saturday morning and head to the Y to run my very first 5K.

As for the scale, I have not gotten on it because not only have I only worked out one day this week, I also haven't eaten very well. So the scale will have to wait until I feel confident the number will be different from the last time I got on it.

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