Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jealousy Issues

I am trying very hard to not feel jealously towards people I know whose houses are selling, but it is very difficult. My friend in Arizona sold her house in 19 days. How does that happen in this economy? Our house has been on the market for over a month with only one phone call of a possible showing that didn't happen. Then I read that another friend who left Asheville last August finally sold their house. Of course, it had been on the market almost of year. Then I read where another friend has had three showings in one week with another scheduled for tomorrow. I don't get it.

And I am finding it very hard to be happy for them. Not a very good Christian thing to say is it. I am definitely putting myself out there.

I was always taught to give it to the Lord and leave it there ... don't continue to dwell on the problem. That is what I felt like I had done. Then I start reading these posts on Facebook and it comes back on my shoulders. I was so excited when we got the one phone call. I knew all it would take is one person to call and see the house. But then something kept getting in the way of him keeping his appointments. I have to tell myself that he wasn't the right buyer for our house.

No, we don't have the most unique house or the prettiest, but it is a great house with a theater room ... a theater room. How many people can say they have a theater room in their house? Well, I guess it is probably a little more common these days. You don't even have to go to the movies anymore. You just recline in the most comfortable chairs ever with a glass of wine and a bowl of popcorn and watch your favorite movie or the newest release. No cell phones ringing or people kicking the back of your seat. No kids crying and screaming ... unless they are your own. Plus, we have two master suites. One is upstairs all by itself. It is perfect for the guest quarters.

Well, I have to keep it with God. It is not something I can take on. I have to put my trust in Him that He will send the right buyer at the right time. I would just like Him to send them a little sooner than later. But I have to ask that His will be done, not mine.

Thankful Thought: I don't know tonight. I am having a hard time with being thankful. Let's go this direction.... I am thankful I have a roof over my head, and if needed, I have a house to go to with beautiful views and a theater room (LOL) that is close to some very dear friends.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Massive Update

I cannot believe that it has been almost two months since my last entry. Where has the time gone?

I guess I will try to hit the highlights...

In May, Myron accepted a new job that has moved us to the Greenville, SC area. Not that he was looking or anything, it just happened to fall in his lap. It is an opportunity he just couldn't pass up. His career has taken him from making paper to printing paper to converting paper (whatever that means). All I know is that the company coats and dye cuts paper for Little Debbie snacks; of course, there are many other things they do also.

In June, we hit the ground running trying to tie up loose projects at the house and get it ready to sell. My Mom was supposed to come for a visit but decided to fall and hurt herself so she didn't have to come (ha ha ... just kidding). She did finally make it up but had to put it off a week. I know she is in a lot of pain and unfortunately still is. I guess she has torn a ligament or something in her shoulder. Her physical therapy is not working. So I guess she is facing surgery in the near future. We did finally get the house listed. We have had a few Realtors come by to look at it and one person called two weeks ago wanting to see it but was unable to make it. Hopefully he will call again.

Myron's Grandmother was put in the hospital and was deteriorating quickly. We decided to head down there to see the family. Now after we have visited, we find out she is sitting up in bed, off the respirator and is trying to talk. But after having a tube down her throat for some time, she is having a hard time. Then his Grandfather was put in the hospital (different hospital) for something and has to have a valve replaced in his heart.

Now into July, we moved to our apartment in Greer, SC. We were lucky enough to find an apartment building that is fairly new and the apartment we were assigned to has never been lived in before. That was very attractive for us. The address is Elizabeth Sarah Blvd ... which is Sarah's name backwards. We have really been enjoying the pool. I am working on a tan ... something I haven't done since I was in college. My tans over the years have been ''farmer's" tans. Now I can actually work on a decent tan line; Whoo-hoo!

We have a vacation coming up at the end of the month. We will be spending five days with part of Myron's family in Gatlinburg, TN. That should be fun. We will be taking the girls to Splash Country for some water entertainment. I'm not really looking forward to that ... not my idea of fun to walk around in a bathing suit all day, but we will do anything for our kids, right?

Other depressing things have happened since my last entry but I don't want to go into all the details. Highlights are as follows: music minister at our church was arrested and charged with, in the end, statutory rape (and other things) and priest was arrested and charged with deleting evidence off music minister's computer. It has been turmoil in our school and our church. But my family has moved on ... in more ways than one. There are so many people to remember in our prayers regarding these incidents: the victim and her family, the church parish and office, the school principal and faculty, and lastly, the music minister and priest. Although, I may not like the choices they have made, it is up to God to see to them. I can only pray that God's will be done.

My week is off to a some what busy start. Bethany has a workbook she has to have completed before she starts school on August 17th. Of course, they have been out of school since June 3rd and we just got the book last week. She has some catching up to do. Plus, we are still seeing Miss Holly for violin lessons. So, we are driving back on Wednesdays right now and we try to throw a play date in while we are there. And there is the pool to get to. Can't let my tan start fading now that I am getting one.

I think I have said enough for one night. Nothing too funny or exciting really going on. Well, unless you call a move exciting. I would be really excited if someone would call to look at the house or even put in an offer that we could discuss. The no activity is going to drive me nuts.

Until another day.....