Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Alone at Last!

As I mentioned yesterday, my parents are up visiting for a few days before Christmas. They decided they would stay at a hotel. It was cheaper for them to get two beds instead of one. Guess what this means? Yep, the girls got to stay with Pop and Nana last night. So this morning I am enjoying some very much needed quiet time home alone.

Of course I was up before Myron left for work. I have ironed clothes, washed a load of clothes and gotten my shower. I would say that is a pretty productive morning considering it is only right now 8:52 a.m. Oh and I called a friend who is in Atlanta taking her son to Emory to see a specialist. I pray they get good news this morning.

We spent yesterday helping Nana finish up her shopping for Christmas. We went out for dinner and opened presents. The girls were so excited to open their presents. They got some boots, American Girl items, blankets, and ... I don't remember what else.

I guess I should get dressed and find out what the plans are for the day. But it feels so good sitting right here by myself with nothing that I HAVE to do.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Oh my ... I have not posted since October. WOW!!! Where have I been? Please don't think that I don't think about posting because I do. I just never take the time to sit down and type anything out. I guess not much has happened that sounds exciting enough to post.

We still have our house for sale in NC. Believe me, you will know when it finally sells. I think EVERYone will know when that house finally sells.

We are still making progress on the SC house. Myron finally finished the tile behind the stove over the weekend. We are adding a few little touches to the bottom of the upper cabinets that I have to paint one more coat on. I do dread painting the upper cabinets. There are just so many of them. Myron assures me he will help.

Christmas is just a few days away. I have one more thing to get but it requires Myron's help to buy. I'm not sure when we will take care of it as long as it is before next Monday when my in-laws arrive. My parents are scheduled to arrive some time today. They were supposed to be here before lunch, but my dad decided he wanted to buy a car. I haven't heard if everything went well with the purchase. I guess I will know when they show up in a new car.

Our plan for Christmas Eve is to go to Asheville to visit with friends and attend Christmas Mass at St. Eugene's Catholic Church. We have not been back to church there in over a year. It will be good to see people we haven't seen in a while.

If anyone read the Christmas letter I mailed this year, you read that Myron will be shaving his goatee in the near future. Well the time arrived yesterday. I was very sad. Bethany was not too excited about it either. I cannot wait to hear how he was teased at work today. He was preparing himself for all the remarks. He looks so young without the facial hair.

I am off to bake a pumpkin pound cake. If I don't get back on here before Saturday, I would like to wish everyone a Very, Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

October Birthdays

Sarah turned the "Big 8" on Monday, October 4th. She was so excited to be rid of her car seat ... "It is the best day ever!" were her words. Because Mondays have been so hectic in our house over the last month, we decided to celebrate with her on Sunday. We gave her her present which was an American Girl violin, took her to get a new bike which she was in need of, and cooked her favorite meal - ribs. I also baked her a cake which didn't turn out as yummy as I would have liked, but she enjoyed it.

On Monday, I baked a cookie cake and made fruit kabobs, per Sarah's request, for her Birthday snack at school. She also got balloons from Nana and Pop. I wish I could have filmed the reaction of Butterscotch when he first saw these balloons. He went ballistic. He would have nothing to do with them and kept running and barking. It was hilarious for us but not so much for him because he got so excited, he peed on the floor.

As you can see, Sarah had two days full of birthday celebrations. She will also be celebrating with the rest of the family in a few weeks since we had to wait until there was a weekend when Bethany had no soccer games.

On Thursday, I celebrated my "25th", "27th", "19th" whatever you want to call it. These were some of the numbers that popped out of peoples' mouths when they found out I was having a birthday.

After everyone was gone to work and school and while I sat here waiting for my friends to arrive from Asheville, I received a phone call from a friend who is currently in Texas wishing me a Happy Birthday. What a great way to start the day! Thanks, Tonya.

My Asheville friends and I spent the day shopping at Garden Ridge ... please, don't ask me why? That is where they always want to go. Then had a very delicious lunch at PF Changs.

They showered me with many gifts: a Target gift card, ...... and .......... a Jacob doll because I am ALL about Team Jacob: warm, dark and muscular as opposed to cold, white and hard. Plus, one of them gave me a bag full of little things like lotions, soaps, lip gloss, etc.

Oh I almost forgot ... in that bag of goodies was Mexican Jumping Beans. I guess there is something to be said about growing up. I actually wanted to know what they were so I looked them up on the internet. Turns out there are little tiny caterpillars inside the bean. When it jumps, it is the caterpillar trying to eat the seed inside the bean. This caterpillar will eventually turn into a moth. I don't know if mine will but that is what is supposed to happen should the bean be left in Nature.

After returning from lunch with my friends, I found flowers on the front porch from my adoring husband. They were very beautiful and still are today. They are very fragrant as well. I don't think I have received flowers from him since we lived in Florida. So it was a very nice surprise.

In car line, a friend asked me to meet her and she gave me a lovely necklace from Hand Picked which was so sweet of her but unnecessary. Just her telling (not singing like she did ... hee hee) me Happy Birthday would have been enough.

As I drove home, I received a phone call from another dear friend, Linda, from Asheville. We were able to talk for a few minutes before I had to get the girls to violin group lesson.

I definitely have some very special friends in my life ... near and far. I always want to remember how very blessed I am to have such GREAT friends. They definitely made my day a very special day.

As the day progressed, I did receive phone calls from others as well. One I was very surprised by was my nephew, Brandon. He took time out of his very boring day to call me ... ;). Plus, I talked to my Mom, Dad, Kathy, Grandma and Grandpa Burkhardt.

Sarah and I had a week full of celebrating as our Birthdays are only 3 days apart.

My Thankful Thought today is for my friends. They are the ones who listen to all my gripes and complaints plus any good news I have to share. They are also the ones who just might be going through some of the same things I am. They are the ones who offer advice, ears to listen and a shoulder to cry on. They are my support. I love my Friends!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NC House Update

The NC house is officially back on the market ... priced at $280,000 ... such a bargain. We listed it with a neighbor with hopes that she will push the house considering she is familiar with the area. Plus, she can see our house from hers which is a bonus.

Every time we go back up to cut the grass, we question ourselves ... "WHY?" Why did we move? Why did we leave such a peaceful place? Why, why, why?

Although we are settling here in South Carolina, we have not completely severed our ties to North Carolina. I do believe that is some of the issues we are dealing with right now.

There are so many things to love about both places, but I think the move was good for our family. We just need to Sell This House ... Where is Roger and Tanya when you need them?

I am off to volunteer at the girls' school today.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Groomed Butterscotch

The Tuesday before Labor Day weekend, I took Butterscotch to be groomed. Here are the results of that disaster. Well, it wasn't a TOTAL disaster. The groomer just took a little more off than I had asked for.
The Shaggy Dog. You can't even see his eyes. Poor thing, he probably couldn't even see where he was going half the time.

The Trimmed Dog. He wouldn't sit still for me, but I got a few shots of him. He is just so darn cute. I just love him all freshly bathed. Mommy's Sweet Boy!

SC House Update

The new cabinets were installed on the Monday before Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately, I was trying to get us ready for Myron's 20th High School Reunion and was unable to give any attention to the cabinets. The counter tops were installed the Wednesday after Labor Day. So, I spent the whole day Tuesday at least trying to prime the cabinets which I was successful in doing. So you will see the primer on the cabinets. I love my new counter tops and sink.

Everything is now primed, sanded and is awaiting the first coat of paint. I have not had a whole day to devote to this task. Maybe it is procrastination but I don't want to paint for a few hours and then have to put everything away. My plans on Friday the 17th was to paint the cabinets, but those plans were changed when I had to run some errands and bath a nasty dog. Monday will bring a new day.

Bethany and Soccer

Bethany is loving soccer. She had her first game on Saturday the 11th. I didn't know that score was not kept. But I kept it. Bethany's team, the Pink Jawbreakers, won 4-0. They whooped up on those little girls ... hee hee! I can tell Bethany got a good coach. Coach Gary is trying to teach them everything about soccer even all the technical stuff.

In this video clip, Bethany is Midfielder and gets to throw the ball in each time it goes out of bounds on her side. See, these are things I didn't even know until she started playing. The first time she picks her foot up and has to re-throw.

This Saturday, they have two games: one at 10 and one at 11. The games only last 40 minutes so at least they will get a break in between. The team they play at 10 has some of Bethany's friends from school on it. That game should be very interesting.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

NC House Update and More

Oh my, I am on a roll today. I am sitting here like I have nothing better to do. Like there are no cabinets that need painted or laundry that needs to be addressed or toilets that need to be scrubbed. I just cannot seem to stop myself from updating everything at once.

The NC house continues to sit empty. We have had no interest in it at all, least of all a showing. In fact, it is off the market for right now. We weren't paying attention, neither were our Realtors for that matter, and let our contract expire. Unfortunately, we decided to change Realtors. Until we find the right realtor, the house will remain off the market. Hopefully that won't be too long.

We are off to FL this weekend so Myron can attend his 20th High School Reunion. He seems to be excited. He hasn't seen nor talked to any of his classmates since the 10th reunion.

Okay, I have to go. I have to be at the school to volunteer in a few minutes and still have to get ready.

I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend.

SC House Update

Okay, okay. I just went back a read an old post and realized I never posted pictures of the new additions to the house. Well, here are the pictures and a few other changes.

Myron installed a ceiling fan on the back porch. It is nice to have a breeze on the warm nights.

The swing Myron hung on the back porch. We ... well Myron has really enjoyed this addition.

The new dining room fixture.

I never said I was a good photographer. I just enjoy taking pictures. I never could get a good one of the fixture, but you get the idea.

When Myron started taking the cabinets out of the kitchen, he found something behind the wall. We have no idea what it is or why it is there, but he did find something of interest ... just scroll on down.

He found an old newspaper dated ??nday, October 30, 1955.

Here is an add for automobiles.

There was an ad for a mattress set ... OMgosh!!! Look how cheap!!!

Here is a shot of the nastiness after the cabinets were removed. YUCK!!!

A shot of the stove area.

Here are the new cabinets that were installed on Monday.

Stove area.

Today, the guy came to template for the counter tops. I have no idea when these will get done; hopefully, next week. I would love to get the cabinets primed and painted before they are installed, but I will not hinder the progress of this transformation.
Well, I guess that is all as far as this house goes. It seems our renovations comes and goes in spurts. I am very glad to finally be getting a descent kitchen to function in.
Make sure to check back in a few weeks for more pictures of the kitchen. I will try very hard to keep the suspense to a minimum, but I canNOT make any promises.

August Update

You know, I really do think about blog updates on a daily basis. I just don't take the time to type one out. There is so much to tell of course. I will try to keep it simple yet informative.

The beginning of the month started out with the girls and I traveling to Opelika to attend the Whatley Family Reunion. They wanted this year to be a great turn-out because it was the 200th birthday year of the Founding Father, Simeon Whatley. AND boy, was it a GREAT turn-out. There were SO many people there. The girls got to meet some distance cousins they have never met before. They had fun playing on the playground and were so cooperative when I said "Let's take a picture!"

The following weekend we had visitors: Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Kathy. We had a fun-filled weekend. They came up on Wednesday. Thursday we took them downtown and enjoyed lunch at Smoke on the Water ... yummy!!! We then walked around in Falls Park. It was quite warm that day and Greenville does offer the water area. Of course, the girls were told to NOT get wet ... just their feet. Sarah is the only one who listened ... hee hee. But I know, Bethany felt good afterwards.

That night was Open House at the school. It was an opportunity for us to meet the teachers, drop-off supplies and sign up for volunteering (well, at least for me to sign up). Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Kathy tagged along since they had never seen inside the school before.

Friday, all the girls went shoe shopping while Myron and Grandpa installed my new range hood. Now I can burn dinner and not set off the smoke detector ... LOL!!!! They also hung the doors to the laundry closet.

Saturday found us bowling ... Bowling? It has been a while since some of us have bowled. And let me tell you, it is nothing like bowling on the wii.

Monday, August 16th ... The first day of school. Bethany started 4th grade and Sarah started 3rd grade. We were headed to the car when I remembered ... "Oh my gosh!!! I almost forgot to take pictures!"

August also brought along soccer for Bethany. She has been asking to play soccer for a while now. I finally took the plunge and signed her up. She has been playing so hard. This past Saturday they played a practice game against the 10-11 year olds. They didn't score one goal but those 8-9 year olds gave the older ones a good run.

The following pictures were taken during practice before the practice game.
Does she look like she is having fun? I think the picture says it all.

That is Bethany's coach in the background ... Coach Gary. He has been awesome with the girls and very patient with the new ones.
That about raps up the highlights of the month for the family. I do have some house updates to share, but I will put them in a post of their own.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Update

There have been a few changes in the house. Myron hung a swing on the back porch a few weeks ago. I need to take a picture to post. This weekend, he hung a new light in the dining room and finally hooked up the vent in the girls' bathroom. We also started prepping the kitchen for paint. We didn't get far because after we primed there were these brown spots that started bleeding through. Myron scrapped them out and then had to spackle. Always one step forward and two steps back.

It seems that every time we make these plans to work on a project, something gets in the way. It happens every time. Oh well, it will happen when it can. Myron would rather the project be done right.

The cabinet guy is back off vacation. Hopefully, we will hear from him this week regarding the kitchen cabinets. I would really love to get those installed sooner rather than later. Can't get new counter tops until the cabinets are installed.

What else? Nothing is going on with the NC house. No lookers; no interest; no nothing. The downer (if we can even go lower), is that there is a foreclosure in our neighborhood and it is CHEAP!!!! I know it will all happen in God's time. It has been over a year. I would really like this burden to be lifted. Please continue to pray that God will send the right Buyer.

We have exactly 2 weeks until school starts back. I'm happy and sad about it. I do not look forward to the homework and projects; yet, I know the girls need the structure.

I will try to get some pictures posted of the new additions to the house soon. Until then, Good night!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Puppy vs. Kitty

The first day we introduced Butterscotch to Babycakes, it wasn't too pretty. They didn't seem to like each other at all. But after a few days of smelling and checking each other out, they decided being friends was going to be okay.

The only bad thing is Butterscotch bites on Babycakes something fierce and she does nothing in reciprocation. Babycakes is a very sweet and loving kitty. She just takes it. We have to get onto Butterscotch to make him stop. I am hoping that socializing with the cat will cut down on the biting (fingers crossed).

Potty training is going much better this week. I cooked up some extra turkey bacon on Saturday and tore into tiny pieces to give Butterscotch as treats after he goes outside. He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES some turkey bacon. OMGosh!!!! He goes balistic when he smells that turkey bacon. Yesterday, he actually whined a little at the door and then went outside. The problem I have now is knowing when he actually has to potty versus just wanting to play with kitty. He really enjoys being outside which I try very hard to limit because I do want him to be an INside dog.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Suzuki Violin Camp at Furman

What a week!!!! BUT so worth it. The girls had a blast!!! I didn't take very many pictures; although, I had my camera with me. I wish now I had done a little filming especially on the first day.

One of the classes the girls participated in was Beginning Ensemble. On Monday, they were given some sheet music and told to start at measure 5. The conductor held up her baton and started counting them off. Most of these kids have not learned a whole lot about reading music. For instance, Bethany and Sarah have had little training in this area. By Friday, they sounded like they KNEW what they were doing. It was fabulous.

Myron and I sat up in the back so we would be able to see the girls in the back row of the ensemble. So, the filming is a little blurry because I had to zoom way in. I just hope the video does the music justice. When we got to the third piece, I was able to zoom in on the girls. If you want to know where they are sitting in the ensemble, watch Hairy the Spider first.

Melancholy Waltz

Dragon Slayer

And one of their favorites....
Hairy the Spider
Some of the conductors colleagues felt this piece would be too hard for the beginners to learn. BUT she had confidence in them, and they did it. It was amazing. I was so very proud of all the hard work these kids put into this performance.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6, 2010

I awoke at 4 a.m. and realized I had not heard Butterscotch at all during the night. Then I laid there anticipating him waking up.
Myron's alarm went off at 6, and we still hadn't heard him. Finally, I got up and went to check on him. He was just sitting in his crate waiting for us ... so sweet. At least I got to spend some alone time with him. Every time I get him, one of the girls comes over to play with him. I guess I will have to get my time in the mornings.
I think we are all enjoying having a new addition to our family.

July 5, 2010

What a much better night we had!!! Butterscotch was up only twice during the night (2:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m.). He did whine for a few minutes when we put him back in the crate at 2:30. The second time we got up, Myron gave him to the girls and we went back to bed.
I slept on and off for about 3 hours. It felt so good to just sleep.
Potty training: I thought we had it down ... until. I took him out and he peed. I guess I misread the signs. He kept going in and out of the door like he wanted to be both places. Finally, he stayed in. After I closed the door, I turned around and he was gone. He usually stays right by my feet. Then I heard Bethany, "Mom, the dog is pooping in my room!" What???? UGH!!!
After that, he went to bed.

July 4, 2010

OMGosh!!!! I think I got 2 1/2 hours sleep last night. I am absolutely give out. Butterscotch whined every hour on the hour I think. Myron took him out at 11 and put him back in his crate. He whined for a few minutes but eventually settled down. Then he whined again at 12. I got up to take him out. I don't know why. He had just gone. Anyway, I realized that I didn't have to let him out every time he whines.
At 2:30, I felt like it had been long enough and he probably did need to pee. And he did. This time when I put him back in the crate, I gave him this teddy bear the pet shop had given us. They had rubbed it on his brother before we left. This is when I got the 2 1/2 hours of sleep.
Finally at 6:30 a.m., I got up with him. The sun was up and I felt like he was too.
To say the least, we were ALL ready for bed at 9 p.m. including puppy.
Potty training went much better with minimal accidents.

July 3, 2010

We were heading back from the NC house, which is still on the market, and decided to visit the pet shops in the area. Myron had made a promise to Sarah some time back that we would get a dog this Summer when they would have time to play with it and help take care of it. So he decided this weekend was the time to fulfill that promise.

We bought a Shih Tzu, male, born 5/12/10. When we got in the van, I said "we need to come up with a name." Bethany immediately says "Butterscotch". Everyone agreed and so it was set.

We spent a little time in the yard with Butterscotch and I grabbed my camera. The only member of the family that didn't like Butterscotch is Kitty. Yes, we still have Kitty. She lives in the garage and was getting lots of attention until Butterscotch came along.

Potting training the first day went okay. He did have a few accidents in the house but went outside more than inside. That has to be an accomplishment of sorts, right?

July 2, 2010

My parents celebrated their 42nd Wedding Anniversary today.
Congratulations to you both!!!
I love you very much.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Vacation Recap

This will be a boring entry only because I want to get out ALL about our week in Myrtle Beach. You are welcome to scan through the pictures.
Saturday, June 19th
We arrive at Dunes Village Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. What should have taken us about 4 1/2 hours took almost 6. Traffic was AWFUL!!!!
We unloaded the car, got dressed and went to eat. Of course, we knew nothing about Myrtle Beach restaurants and ended up at The Fish House. Prices were reasonable and food was decent.
When we got back to the condo, the girls could not wait to go walk on the beach and I couldn't wait to get my camera out.

Sunday, June 20th ... Happy Father's Day
We finally got to see Jason, Brandon and Brailee. After breakfast, we got dressed and headed down to the indoor water park at our resort. There were two towers (Palm Tower and Palmetto Tower) at the resort and each one had a different water park underneath plus two outside pools. This picture was taken in the Palm Tower. There were a couple of small bucket dumps and one large one, two adult sized water slides, pools and an outdoor lazy river which was very small. I was lucky to get this bucket dump shot. Most of the time the bucket never dumped.

This was the Palmetto Tower which is where we were staying. It had the longest lazy river, two small water slides and a kiddie area. The girls loved the lazy river. They spent most their time swimming and floating. Unfortunately because it was indoors, we didn't get a lot of sun ... which was probably a good thing. Here Daddy is giving them a ride in the lazy river.

That night we went out for dinner to Mammy's Kitchen. Afterwards, we headed back to the beach for a night time stroll. Sarah and Bethany had gotten new ipods before we left. Myron downloaded the original Karate Kid on there for them to watch. Here Sarah shows off the Crane.

Pop and Nana arrived on Sunday night.
Monday, June 21st
Again, we are either at the beach or water park. I think the girls spent most their time at the water park.
Here Brandon and Bethany were going down the slides together and acting foolish. Crazy kids!!!

At some point during the day we made it out to the beach. Brailee is trying to help Bethany build a sand castle.

Bethany finally gave up on building UP and decided to dig DOWN. She dug herself a bath tub.

Then Sarah and I turned her into a mermaid.

Monday night we had family pictures taken on the beach by a photographer. I have yet to see them. I cannot wait. I hope they turned out beautifully. We didn't get a chance to eat before the pictures so we went to a Mexican restaurant afterwards.
Tuesday, June 22nd
Sarah wants to go to the beach. Bethany wants to go to the water park. So we split up.
Sarah built a dolphin.

We went out for dinner again. We ended up at Filet's in North Myrtle Beach. It was very yummy but on the expensive side.
Wednesday, June 23rd
After breakfast, we headed out to the beach and water park. The girls once again wanted to go in different directions. That afternoon the guys went to pay golf.
Every afternoon at 4 p.m., the resort did face painting.
That night, after a lasagna dinner, we headed to the Boardwalk which had only been open for a few weeks. We were able to see fireworks which was awesome.
Thursday, June 24th
Tiki, the parrot, made rounds on a couple of days. The girls got to pet her and have their picture taken. Tiki is also on facebook.
After a chicken and rice dinner, we went back to the water park.
Friday, June 25th
After breakfast, we went into one of the many souvenir shops. The girls wanted airbrushed t-shirts from Myrtle Beach. Gosh those things are expensive!!!!

We headed back to the resort for a few hours at the indoor water park before heading to Myrtle Waves for outdoor water park excitement. Brandon entertained the girls while they were there ... Thanks Brandon!!!

Myrtle Waves
We took advantage of the Twilight rates and went from 3 until 7.
Sarah enjoyed the water slides in this play area.
Bethany awaits the HUGE water fall.
There it is. I lost Bethany in all the water.
Everyone wanted one more night of seafood before heading out the next day. Although it was late, we went to Pier 14 on the Boardwalk. OMGosh!!!! It was SO good and worth the price. That is one place we will definitely go back to should we ever find ourselves in Myrtle Beach again.
Saturday, June 26th
On our way home, we stopped in Columbia to visit Uncles, Aunt and cousins.
The girls enjoyed spending time with Carissa.