Friday, September 17, 2010

SC House Update

The new cabinets were installed on the Monday before Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately, I was trying to get us ready for Myron's 20th High School Reunion and was unable to give any attention to the cabinets. The counter tops were installed the Wednesday after Labor Day. So, I spent the whole day Tuesday at least trying to prime the cabinets which I was successful in doing. So you will see the primer on the cabinets. I love my new counter tops and sink.

Everything is now primed, sanded and is awaiting the first coat of paint. I have not had a whole day to devote to this task. Maybe it is procrastination but I don't want to paint for a few hours and then have to put everything away. My plans on Friday the 17th was to paint the cabinets, but those plans were changed when I had to run some errands and bath a nasty dog. Monday will bring a new day.

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