Friday, September 17, 2010

A Groomed Butterscotch

The Tuesday before Labor Day weekend, I took Butterscotch to be groomed. Here are the results of that disaster. Well, it wasn't a TOTAL disaster. The groomer just took a little more off than I had asked for.
The Shaggy Dog. You can't even see his eyes. Poor thing, he probably couldn't even see where he was going half the time.

The Trimmed Dog. He wouldn't sit still for me, but I got a few shots of him. He is just so darn cute. I just love him all freshly bathed. Mommy's Sweet Boy!

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Tonya said...

SUCH a cute puppy!!! I LOVE it when Oscar comes home from the groomer. I just wish it didn't traumatize him so badly. It stresses him out so bad that I never take him anymore. I trim him at home. But I miss having him look so fresh and crisp and sweet straight from the groomer! Your Butterscotch is such a cutie!