Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SC House Update

Okay, okay. I just went back a read an old post and realized I never posted pictures of the new additions to the house. Well, here are the pictures and a few other changes.

Myron installed a ceiling fan on the back porch. It is nice to have a breeze on the warm nights.

The swing Myron hung on the back porch. We ... well Myron has really enjoyed this addition.

The new dining room fixture.

I never said I was a good photographer. I just enjoy taking pictures. I never could get a good one of the fixture, but you get the idea.

When Myron started taking the cabinets out of the kitchen, he found something behind the wall. We have no idea what it is or why it is there, but he did find something of interest ... just scroll on down.

He found an old newspaper dated ??nday, October 30, 1955.

Here is an add for automobiles.

There was an ad for a mattress set ... OMgosh!!! Look how cheap!!!

Here is a shot of the nastiness after the cabinets were removed. YUCK!!!

A shot of the stove area.

Here are the new cabinets that were installed on Monday.

Stove area.

Today, the guy came to template for the counter tops. I have no idea when these will get done; hopefully, next week. I would love to get the cabinets primed and painted before they are installed, but I will not hinder the progress of this transformation.
Well, I guess that is all as far as this house goes. It seems our renovations comes and goes in spurts. I am very glad to finally be getting a descent kitchen to function in.
Make sure to check back in a few weeks for more pictures of the kitchen. I will try very hard to keep the suspense to a minimum, but I canNOT make any promises.

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