Thursday, April 29, 2010


My life is a "ball" of frustration. Everything and everyone is getting on my nerves ... drives me "nuts".

I am aggravated with the Realtors trying to sell our NC house because they don't communicate. When I try to reach them by phone or e-mail, I feel ignored. AND they have Blackberries. I am not frustrated at them because the house is not selling; I am frustrated because of the lack of communication.

I am aggravated at my kids. They don't listen to me. Blah, blah, blah.....

I am aggravated at my husband for SO many reasons I am not going to even go there.

I am aggravated at this house. Ever since we moved in, nothing has gotten done except the bedrooms painted. Of course, that is taking it to an extreme. I do have a screen door on the back door and the grass is getting cut on a weekly basis. We had issues with heat last month; now the A/C is acting up.

I am aggravated with my van. I have had it over a year and now I am having problems with it. And it all has to do with sensors. This is the 2nd KIA I have owned. Second time I have had problems after the yearly mark.

I am most aggravated with myself. I am not a self-motivator. I find it very hard to make myself do things especially projects. I barely get the daily things done. Then when I get overwhelmed with too much, I shut down and do nothing. That is what is going on now.

I am just aggravated and frustrated and every negative thing you can think of right now.

Today, I am sitting here waiting for the A/C repairman to grace me with his presence so that we can find out what is wrong with the unit. Which I know what he is going to say... "Ma'am, it is an OLD unit. It really needs to be replaced." And all I will hear is, "Wah wah Wah wah Wah wah ... Blah blah blah!!!!" Oh and "cha-ching cha-ching!" in the background as he rubs his hands together thinking "oh, this is a big one. I feel my wallet growing now!"
WHATEVER!!!! Just fix the unit so we can sleep in cooler temperatures at night during our heat-wave weekend.

I know I need to find a thankful note about right now. My heart feels hardened. It is very hard to find thankfulness. Maybe tomorrow......

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sarah's First Communion

Sarah celebrated her First Communion on Saturday, April 24th. It was a beautiful service. Her teacher, Mrs. Farley, had the children so prepared for this important occasion. We were able to sit right where we could see Sarah kneel and receive the Body and Blood of her Savior for the very first time.

We were fortunate that both sets of Grandparents were able to be with us to celebrate. (I can't believe I posted that picture of myself ... but I have to remember: It is NOT about ME!!!)

Sarah with her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Farley.

Sarah with Monsignor Brovey.

Some snapshots I took of Sarah outside the house.

Sarah and her cake.
Sarah wanted Bar-b-que for lunch that day. After leaving the church, we went by to pick-up some yummy BBQ from Mutt's. We then had a slice of this most delicious cake from Strossner's. It just melted in the mouth .... Mmmmm!!!!

Although it rained most of the day, it was still such a beautiful day.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Pictures

Lots and lots of pictures from Easter weekend.
Here the girls show off their dyed Easter eggs.

What did the Bunny bring this year?
Zhu Zhu pets? Wow!!!

Sarah with her basket of goodies.

Bethany with her basket of goodies.

Dressed and ready for church. I guess I should have moved the garden hose.

Family Shot!!!

We decided to have our own Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard. We filled the eggs with goodies and Myron hid them in the yard. He was told, by the girls, to hide them very well ... not easy.

They had to be given clues. I don't think they found a one without a little assistance.

What was in those eggs? LEGOS!!!! Whoo-hoo!
Bethany's made an airplane.

Sarah's made a dump truck.

Beauty Abounds

There is so much coming to life in the yard here at the little house in South Carolina.
We have been enjoying this bush for a few weeks now. It made a lovely backdrop for Easter pictures.

I think Bethany took this picture. I think this is phlox growing somewhere in the yard. There is no rhyme or reason to the plantings here.

A beautiful, huge Bradford Pear that was loaded with blooms this year.

We also have tons and tons of tulips in the yard sporadically placed. These are some I caught in bloom.

A purple vine of some sort growing everywhere.

Some more tulips.

The azaleas have busted out all of a sudden this week. They have been just beautiful and vibrant with color.

We have all colors in this yard.

They surround the house.

I tried to get a picture of Sarah in her pink dress in front of the pink azaleas. I told her she needed to be about 6 inches shorter ... hee hee!!!