Monday, April 12, 2010

Beauty Abounds

There is so much coming to life in the yard here at the little house in South Carolina.
We have been enjoying this bush for a few weeks now. It made a lovely backdrop for Easter pictures.

I think Bethany took this picture. I think this is phlox growing somewhere in the yard. There is no rhyme or reason to the plantings here.

A beautiful, huge Bradford Pear that was loaded with blooms this year.

We also have tons and tons of tulips in the yard sporadically placed. These are some I caught in bloom.

A purple vine of some sort growing everywhere.

Some more tulips.

The azaleas have busted out all of a sudden this week. They have been just beautiful and vibrant with color.

We have all colors in this yard.

They surround the house.

I tried to get a picture of Sarah in her pink dress in front of the pink azaleas. I told her she needed to be about 6 inches shorter ... hee hee!!!

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Tonya said...

The flowers all look so beautiful!!! I love them! And your family looked gorgeous on Easter! Great picture of all of you!!!