Thursday, April 29, 2010


My life is a "ball" of frustration. Everything and everyone is getting on my nerves ... drives me "nuts".

I am aggravated with the Realtors trying to sell our NC house because they don't communicate. When I try to reach them by phone or e-mail, I feel ignored. AND they have Blackberries. I am not frustrated at them because the house is not selling; I am frustrated because of the lack of communication.

I am aggravated at my kids. They don't listen to me. Blah, blah, blah.....

I am aggravated at my husband for SO many reasons I am not going to even go there.

I am aggravated at this house. Ever since we moved in, nothing has gotten done except the bedrooms painted. Of course, that is taking it to an extreme. I do have a screen door on the back door and the grass is getting cut on a weekly basis. We had issues with heat last month; now the A/C is acting up.

I am aggravated with my van. I have had it over a year and now I am having problems with it. And it all has to do with sensors. This is the 2nd KIA I have owned. Second time I have had problems after the yearly mark.

I am most aggravated with myself. I am not a self-motivator. I find it very hard to make myself do things especially projects. I barely get the daily things done. Then when I get overwhelmed with too much, I shut down and do nothing. That is what is going on now.

I am just aggravated and frustrated and every negative thing you can think of right now.

Today, I am sitting here waiting for the A/C repairman to grace me with his presence so that we can find out what is wrong with the unit. Which I know what he is going to say... "Ma'am, it is an OLD unit. It really needs to be replaced." And all I will hear is, "Wah wah Wah wah Wah wah ... Blah blah blah!!!!" Oh and "cha-ching cha-ching!" in the background as he rubs his hands together thinking "oh, this is a big one. I feel my wallet growing now!"
WHATEVER!!!! Just fix the unit so we can sleep in cooler temperatures at night during our heat-wave weekend.

I know I need to find a thankful note about right now. My heart feels hardened. It is very hard to find thankfulness. Maybe tomorrow......

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Tonya said...

This too shall pass, sweet friend! Hang in there. The sun will come out tomorrow!!! Hugs!!!!!