Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Pictures

Lots and lots of pictures from Easter weekend.
Here the girls show off their dyed Easter eggs.

What did the Bunny bring this year?
Zhu Zhu pets? Wow!!!

Sarah with her basket of goodies.

Bethany with her basket of goodies.

Dressed and ready for church. I guess I should have moved the garden hose.

Family Shot!!!

We decided to have our own Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard. We filled the eggs with goodies and Myron hid them in the yard. He was told, by the girls, to hide them very well ... not easy.

They had to be given clues. I don't think they found a one without a little assistance.

What was in those eggs? LEGOS!!!! Whoo-hoo!
Bethany's made an airplane.

Sarah's made a dump truck.

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