Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Alone at Last!

As I mentioned yesterday, my parents are up visiting for a few days before Christmas. They decided they would stay at a hotel. It was cheaper for them to get two beds instead of one. Guess what this means? Yep, the girls got to stay with Pop and Nana last night. So this morning I am enjoying some very much needed quiet time home alone.

Of course I was up before Myron left for work. I have ironed clothes, washed a load of clothes and gotten my shower. I would say that is a pretty productive morning considering it is only right now 8:52 a.m. Oh and I called a friend who is in Atlanta taking her son to Emory to see a specialist. I pray they get good news this morning.

We spent yesterday helping Nana finish up her shopping for Christmas. We went out for dinner and opened presents. The girls were so excited to open their presents. They got some boots, American Girl items, blankets, and ... I don't remember what else.

I guess I should get dressed and find out what the plans are for the day. But it feels so good sitting right here by myself with nothing that I HAVE to do.

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