Monday, July 19, 2010

Suzuki Violin Camp at Furman

What a week!!!! BUT so worth it. The girls had a blast!!! I didn't take very many pictures; although, I had my camera with me. I wish now I had done a little filming especially on the first day.

One of the classes the girls participated in was Beginning Ensemble. On Monday, they were given some sheet music and told to start at measure 5. The conductor held up her baton and started counting them off. Most of these kids have not learned a whole lot about reading music. For instance, Bethany and Sarah have had little training in this area. By Friday, they sounded like they KNEW what they were doing. It was fabulous.

Myron and I sat up in the back so we would be able to see the girls in the back row of the ensemble. So, the filming is a little blurry because I had to zoom way in. I just hope the video does the music justice. When we got to the third piece, I was able to zoom in on the girls. If you want to know where they are sitting in the ensemble, watch Hairy the Spider first.

Melancholy Waltz

Dragon Slayer

And one of their favorites....
Hairy the Spider
Some of the conductors colleagues felt this piece would be too hard for the beginners to learn. BUT she had confidence in them, and they did it. It was amazing. I was so very proud of all the hard work these kids put into this performance.

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