Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Puppy vs. Kitty

The first day we introduced Butterscotch to Babycakes, it wasn't too pretty. They didn't seem to like each other at all. But after a few days of smelling and checking each other out, they decided being friends was going to be okay.

The only bad thing is Butterscotch bites on Babycakes something fierce and she does nothing in reciprocation. Babycakes is a very sweet and loving kitty. She just takes it. We have to get onto Butterscotch to make him stop. I am hoping that socializing with the cat will cut down on the biting (fingers crossed).

Potty training is going much better this week. I cooked up some extra turkey bacon on Saturday and tore into tiny pieces to give Butterscotch as treats after he goes outside. He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES some turkey bacon. OMGosh!!!! He goes balistic when he smells that turkey bacon. Yesterday, he actually whined a little at the door and then went outside. The problem I have now is knowing when he actually has to potty versus just wanting to play with kitty. He really enjoys being outside which I try very hard to limit because I do want him to be an INside dog.

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