Saturday, October 9, 2010

October Birthdays

Sarah turned the "Big 8" on Monday, October 4th. She was so excited to be rid of her car seat ... "It is the best day ever!" were her words. Because Mondays have been so hectic in our house over the last month, we decided to celebrate with her on Sunday. We gave her her present which was an American Girl violin, took her to get a new bike which she was in need of, and cooked her favorite meal - ribs. I also baked her a cake which didn't turn out as yummy as I would have liked, but she enjoyed it.

On Monday, I baked a cookie cake and made fruit kabobs, per Sarah's request, for her Birthday snack at school. She also got balloons from Nana and Pop. I wish I could have filmed the reaction of Butterscotch when he first saw these balloons. He went ballistic. He would have nothing to do with them and kept running and barking. It was hilarious for us but not so much for him because he got so excited, he peed on the floor.

As you can see, Sarah had two days full of birthday celebrations. She will also be celebrating with the rest of the family in a few weeks since we had to wait until there was a weekend when Bethany had no soccer games.

On Thursday, I celebrated my "25th", "27th", "19th" whatever you want to call it. These were some of the numbers that popped out of peoples' mouths when they found out I was having a birthday.

After everyone was gone to work and school and while I sat here waiting for my friends to arrive from Asheville, I received a phone call from a friend who is currently in Texas wishing me a Happy Birthday. What a great way to start the day! Thanks, Tonya.

My Asheville friends and I spent the day shopping at Garden Ridge ... please, don't ask me why? That is where they always want to go. Then had a very delicious lunch at PF Changs.

They showered me with many gifts: a Target gift card, ...... and .......... a Jacob doll because I am ALL about Team Jacob: warm, dark and muscular as opposed to cold, white and hard. Plus, one of them gave me a bag full of little things like lotions, soaps, lip gloss, etc.

Oh I almost forgot ... in that bag of goodies was Mexican Jumping Beans. I guess there is something to be said about growing up. I actually wanted to know what they were so I looked them up on the internet. Turns out there are little tiny caterpillars inside the bean. When it jumps, it is the caterpillar trying to eat the seed inside the bean. This caterpillar will eventually turn into a moth. I don't know if mine will but that is what is supposed to happen should the bean be left in Nature.

After returning from lunch with my friends, I found flowers on the front porch from my adoring husband. They were very beautiful and still are today. They are very fragrant as well. I don't think I have received flowers from him since we lived in Florida. So it was a very nice surprise.

In car line, a friend asked me to meet her and she gave me a lovely necklace from Hand Picked which was so sweet of her but unnecessary. Just her telling (not singing like she did ... hee hee) me Happy Birthday would have been enough.

As I drove home, I received a phone call from another dear friend, Linda, from Asheville. We were able to talk for a few minutes before I had to get the girls to violin group lesson.

I definitely have some very special friends in my life ... near and far. I always want to remember how very blessed I am to have such GREAT friends. They definitely made my day a very special day.

As the day progressed, I did receive phone calls from others as well. One I was very surprised by was my nephew, Brandon. He took time out of his very boring day to call me ... ;). Plus, I talked to my Mom, Dad, Kathy, Grandma and Grandpa Burkhardt.

Sarah and I had a week full of celebrating as our Birthdays are only 3 days apart.

My Thankful Thought today is for my friends. They are the ones who listen to all my gripes and complaints plus any good news I have to share. They are also the ones who just might be going through some of the same things I am. They are the ones who offer advice, ears to listen and a shoulder to cry on. They are my support. I love my Friends!!!

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Tonya said...

Those are GOREGEOUS flowers! What a beautiful surprise! Glad your birthday was SO wonderful!!! And glad you didn't have to eat a big mac as your birthday lunch!!! :)