Monday, June 28, 2010

Vacation Recap

This will be a boring entry only because I want to get out ALL about our week in Myrtle Beach. You are welcome to scan through the pictures.
Saturday, June 19th
We arrive at Dunes Village Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. What should have taken us about 4 1/2 hours took almost 6. Traffic was AWFUL!!!!
We unloaded the car, got dressed and went to eat. Of course, we knew nothing about Myrtle Beach restaurants and ended up at The Fish House. Prices were reasonable and food was decent.
When we got back to the condo, the girls could not wait to go walk on the beach and I couldn't wait to get my camera out.

Sunday, June 20th ... Happy Father's Day
We finally got to see Jason, Brandon and Brailee. After breakfast, we got dressed and headed down to the indoor water park at our resort. There were two towers (Palm Tower and Palmetto Tower) at the resort and each one had a different water park underneath plus two outside pools. This picture was taken in the Palm Tower. There were a couple of small bucket dumps and one large one, two adult sized water slides, pools and an outdoor lazy river which was very small. I was lucky to get this bucket dump shot. Most of the time the bucket never dumped.

This was the Palmetto Tower which is where we were staying. It had the longest lazy river, two small water slides and a kiddie area. The girls loved the lazy river. They spent most their time swimming and floating. Unfortunately because it was indoors, we didn't get a lot of sun ... which was probably a good thing. Here Daddy is giving them a ride in the lazy river.

That night we went out for dinner to Mammy's Kitchen. Afterwards, we headed back to the beach for a night time stroll. Sarah and Bethany had gotten new ipods before we left. Myron downloaded the original Karate Kid on there for them to watch. Here Sarah shows off the Crane.

Pop and Nana arrived on Sunday night.
Monday, June 21st
Again, we are either at the beach or water park. I think the girls spent most their time at the water park.
Here Brandon and Bethany were going down the slides together and acting foolish. Crazy kids!!!

At some point during the day we made it out to the beach. Brailee is trying to help Bethany build a sand castle.

Bethany finally gave up on building UP and decided to dig DOWN. She dug herself a bath tub.

Then Sarah and I turned her into a mermaid.

Monday night we had family pictures taken on the beach by a photographer. I have yet to see them. I cannot wait. I hope they turned out beautifully. We didn't get a chance to eat before the pictures so we went to a Mexican restaurant afterwards.
Tuesday, June 22nd
Sarah wants to go to the beach. Bethany wants to go to the water park. So we split up.
Sarah built a dolphin.

We went out for dinner again. We ended up at Filet's in North Myrtle Beach. It was very yummy but on the expensive side.
Wednesday, June 23rd
After breakfast, we headed out to the beach and water park. The girls once again wanted to go in different directions. That afternoon the guys went to pay golf.
Every afternoon at 4 p.m., the resort did face painting.
That night, after a lasagna dinner, we headed to the Boardwalk which had only been open for a few weeks. We were able to see fireworks which was awesome.
Thursday, June 24th
Tiki, the parrot, made rounds on a couple of days. The girls got to pet her and have their picture taken. Tiki is also on facebook.
After a chicken and rice dinner, we went back to the water park.
Friday, June 25th
After breakfast, we went into one of the many souvenir shops. The girls wanted airbrushed t-shirts from Myrtle Beach. Gosh those things are expensive!!!!

We headed back to the resort for a few hours at the indoor water park before heading to Myrtle Waves for outdoor water park excitement. Brandon entertained the girls while they were there ... Thanks Brandon!!!

Myrtle Waves
We took advantage of the Twilight rates and went from 3 until 7.
Sarah enjoyed the water slides in this play area.
Bethany awaits the HUGE water fall.
There it is. I lost Bethany in all the water.
Everyone wanted one more night of seafood before heading out the next day. Although it was late, we went to Pier 14 on the Boardwalk. OMGosh!!!! It was SO good and worth the price. That is one place we will definitely go back to should we ever find ourselves in Myrtle Beach again.
Saturday, June 26th
On our way home, we stopped in Columbia to visit Uncles, Aunt and cousins.
The girls enjoyed spending time with Carissa.

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