Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break

Last week, the girls were out of school for Spring Break and Myron took vacation. We spent the first part of the week in Panama City Beach with Kathy. While we were there, Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Mark came for a visit. Of course, a cold front moved through and I didn't pack sweaters. By the time we left, the temperatures had climbed back up to the 80's.

The pool and ocean waters were freezing, but it didn't stop the girls from getting in either. They were given some boogie boards that they tried out the last day we were there.

I think they were having a good time.

Acting silly at Alvin's Island.

I have to take time out for the beach shots.

Sisterly love. They had SO much fun.

That water was freezing. I do not know how they stood it.

Having fun together.

I know where I will be going for some Summer fun where I can enjoy the water ... back to Aunt Kathy's. Free room with a pool.

We had a really good time visiting with Kathy and taking advantage of her accommodations :).

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