Monday, March 14, 2011

Approaching Party

As I stated earlier, there was a party planned for Bethany on the 5th but she was sick and we had to cancel. At the time, I had NO idea when we would re-schedule. Myron's work schedule is SO crazy right now. I don't know what weekends he is working. Finally, the 19th .... AHHHHH!!!!! ... the 19th became the date. So I called the friends and they are both available ... YEAH!!!!

I spent two weeks ago cleaning the house for the party on the 5th then the house went to pot. Now I will be spending this week cleaning the house yet again. I wish I could be one of those people who just kept it clean every week. But I canNOT seem to find a happy place with that one.

It is really not a big deal party. Bethany is having two friends over: one from Asheville is coming down and one from SC. They will play, eat pizza and have cookie cake. Bethany really wants to go ice skating also. Those 4 hours will go by quickly. But then, I do not care if the girls stay later. It will give me time with my friend who is bringing her daughter down from Asheville.

The girls have really enjoyed ice skating. Luckily, we have an ice skating rink very close by.

Tomorrow, I will be cleaning bathrooms and kitchen, dusting and vacuuming. But then some of these things will need to wait until later in the week. I do NOT want to have to RE-DO any of these chores. I am SO lazy and I KNOW IT!!!

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