Thursday, April 25, 2013

Giddy Up!!

Hubby finally gave in to the continuous requests from Bethany for horseback riding. It was time to sign up for Spring soccer and Bethany said she didn't want to play soccer anymore. Well, I knew what was coming next. It was the same conversation we had every time soccer season started up. He finally said, "YES!" which gave us one very happy little girl and one "on the fence". Sarah wanted to play soccer and horseback ride but I said, "NO! It's one or the other." She debated and debated because she really loves soccer. I knew, once she got her tail back in the saddle, her decision would be made. And so she gave up soccer for a horse.

They have been taking lessons since January. They can't both ride every week. They have to alternate which upset Bethany but she seems to be adjusting to the schedule.

Last week, Bethany got to test out her jump position and even went over a small jump (which I didn't get to film because I wasn't quick enough to capture the moment). I did get one short video and a snapshot.

Well, here is the snapshot. I can't figure out how to upload the video I took :(

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