Monday, September 14, 2009

House Selling/Hunting Update

We have still had no lookers at our house in NC. Although, the realtor did tell me last week that someone called about it but didn't look at it because it is in Madison County and her kids are already attending school in Buncombe County. ... bummer! At least people are looking at the listing.

I have to say though, that houses are looking up here in the Upper State. I have found a few that would most definitely work for us. Although, the perfect house was not located on the perfect lot, the perfect lot house could work in so many ways. A three bedroom, two bath house with a bonus room on almost 5 acres would definitely fit for this family of 4. So we will watch this one and wait it out. Hopefully it will still be available WHEN our house sells. If not, God will open a window for us to crawl through with another house just as nice to move into.

I sit here and try to figure out what it is God wants me to do to make all this right for our whole family ... or what do I have to do for God to make all this right for our family. What is it that God wants of me? I think sometimes it is my feelings towards this move that is keeping us in this rut ... that maybe I have to find happiness where I am right now. Sometimes, I think I have done that. I do love being so close to everything : school, church, shopping, library, etc. But then, I get down because of something that happens or doesn't happen.

The girls are doing so well. I can't tell you how they have just taken to this move. Although, they do make comments sometimes about why did we have to move even though we have explained it NUMEROUS times.

I pray God's will be done in our lives. I have to remember it is HIS time not mine that matters here. Maybe it isn't time for the the right buyer to come along (I guess that would be the obvious).

I guess it is time for me to head to the fitness center. If I sit here long enough, I won't have time to go which subconsciously I think I am trying to do. That is another topic that has me down right now too. But I must not give up. I must keep pressing on and trying harder to make the pounds melt off instead of stick.

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Tonya said...

You can do it girl! Hang in there! Your perfect house will be there in the perfect time! I just know it!