Saturday, October 24, 2009

Up State Update

We have been here in South Carolina for 4 months. Our house in North Carolina finally started having some activity last week but came to a screeching halt. Our Real Estate agents hosted an Open House on October 11th where we had one couple come through. Then the following Friday, a showing was scheduled but eventually cancelled because they ran out of time. Then on Sunday, there was a showing. The feedback was that "the house was not their style". Well .... I can understand that. There have been plenty of houses here in the Up State that have "not been our style".

We are moving on. We have two more months on our lease here in the apartment. We have to turn in a written 60 days notice of when we are moving out. If we stay, our rent will jump up $200 ... FORGET that!!! So we have decided to find a smaller, less expensive house to purchase. That way when our house in NC does sell, we can use it as a rental if we want.

I think I have found the smaller, less expensive house. I am taking Myron and the girls to see it today. It sits on 1.1 acres and is close enough to everything. I will still only be 10 minutes from the school which I am all about. Plus, it puts Myron 4 minutes closer to work. This is all according to Mapquest. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Supposedly, new carpet was put in yesterday. We will know in a few hours. The tile in the kitchen and bathrooms will be replaced. For some reason, they used a light colored tile and a very dark brown grout .... UGLY!!! And of course, PAINT!!! There has got to be color on the walls. Oh and did I mention there is a little front porch? Just big enough for a little swing. I think I will start calling it the Little House.

It's funny .... after we moved to NC and bought a 2000 square foot house then finished the basement to add another 500 square feet, we talked about how nice it was to have such a small house in FL and how we missed it. Well ... welcome back!!! Our house in FL had 1450 square feet ... The Little House has less than 1400 square feet. Here is the listing. Hopefully it will work.

Sarah is doing very well socially in her class. The teacher informed me the other day that she has made lots of friends. Academically, she is suffering a little but only Reading and Math. Her report card sported 5 As, 1 B and 1 C (Math). So she has been banned from TV and computer after school. She now has to do extra Math work to help reinforce whatever they are doing. Right now, she is working on counting money. It's weird ... one day she gets and another day she doesn't. I have found a few websites that have interactive games for her to play. But that is the only way she can get on the computer.

Bethany got all As. She was close to having 1 B but was able to pull it up at the last minute.

Our school has a website where we can go on and see their grades on a daily basis. Plus it automatically averages them so we can always see where they are academically.

Bethany is suffering socially. She just has not connected with anyone in her class YET!!! I am going to have to make that a priority here pretty soon. She still talks a lot about Asheville and all her friends there ... well Mason anyway.

Next week is All Saints WEEK!!! Oh My!!! And on Friday, every student has to dress up as a Saint. I hate I have put off dealing with this. Now I am under pressure to get TWO costumes ready before Thursday night. And this week is a FULL week. We have something every afternoon except Friday. Plus, the girls have a violin recital on Saturday where they will be dressed in their Halloween costumes at the Children's Museum in downtown Greenville.

Well, I have got to get breakfast ready. Everyone is finally up for the day. We have a busy weekend ahead of us. We still have to get to Asheville to wash laundry and cut the grass. UGH!!! Please Sell That House!!!

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Tonya said...

I think it's precious! It may not have the square footage, but it certainly looks open and roomy. I like it! Glad you found something!!!! Got my fingers crossed for your house!