Wednesday, October 28, 2009

House Hunting Update

Well, the Little House fell through for now. A long story short: there was a contract on the house some time back. The Buyers applied for an FHA loan through an internet source. The FHA appraisal came back really low; therefore, the Buyers were not able to get the loan. That is on file now. So anyone who is wanting to finance with an FHA will have difficulty doing so. Anyway, from what we gather the Home Owner is the Realtor. She is not willing to budge much from the asking price.

So, we moved on. I spent Tuesday looking at 10 houses. What was I thinking? That was a lot for one day but well worth it. I have come up with another little house. I think I will name it The Little Blue House. Oh my ... is it blue. Can vinyl be painted? If not, we are going to have to do some major updating on the outside. It is blue vinyl siding with burgundy shutters. Definitely, the shutters have to go. This house is a little bigger than the other but the lot size is smaller. It has a fenced in backyard and a fireplace.

Myron and the girls are going to look at it on Sunday. Hopefully, things will work out better with this one.

None of the houses really "shined" for me. I still go back to the original Little House. That one I could really see myself in. But life goes on and so must I. Hopefully, the Blue House will grow on me.

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