Monday, December 21, 2009

Proud Homeowners

It is official. We are the proud owners of this 1949/50 house.

Front Porch
Fireplace in Living Room.
Living Room

Looking into the Dining Room from the Living Room.
Swinging door that leads from the Dining Room to the Kitchen.
Unfortunately, it doesn't swing because of the layers of flooring in the kitchen.

Looking down the hallway from the Living Room.

Telephone "booth"

The Red Room. The appraiser said that even though this room has a closet, it is too small to be a bedroom. If we can get a bed in here, it will be Sarah's room.

The Red Room closet and storage area

The Blue Room. This is the room Bethany wants ... why you ask? ... because it is BLUE! Little does she know that the whole house is going to be painted one color.

The Blue Room closet and storage area

The Master Bedroom. The bathroom is off to the left.

The Master closet and storage area.

The Master Bathroom. Does it say 1950 to you?

This is where the clothes dryer goes.

Shower in the Master Bathroom.

Hallway Bathroom. There are NO outlets in this bathroom. Wonder why that is?

Hallway Bathroom

Looking into the kitchen from the Dining Room. The cabinets are yellow. Even the hinges are painted. The back splash is green laminate ... u-g-ly.

Kitchen sink. The clothes washer goes to the right of the sink. Remember, I mentioned that in a previous post.

As you can tell, there are LOTS of cabinets in this small kitchen. But did you see a dishwasher? I think I missed that.
My parents came up this past weekend to see the girls perform in a Christmas Violin and Piano Recital. My Mom joked on Facebook about taking the girls back with her when she left. Little did she know that we would agree. Myron and I took advantage of the time and spent a few hours on Sunday cleaning up and pulling up carpet. Here are some things we found. We knew there was hardwood floors underneath the carpet; we just didn't know the condition of them.

Our first view of the floor in the doorway between the kitchen and the dining room.

A view of the Dining Room after the wallpaper was peeled off and the carpet removed. We then moved onto the kitchen. Here is what we found:

That black spot is ... HARDWOOD FLOORS!!! Yippee!!! We were very excited to find that. But we weren't excited to find this....

The CULPRIT ... a leaky refrigerator water valve.
Oh the joys of home renovations. Although it is a little exciting ripping out and tearing up, it is NO fun finding little problems like these.


Tonya said...

I LOVE that dining room! SO pretty with that ugly carpet ripped out!!!!!! Are the wood floors throughout the whole house? I think it will be precious once Myron has had his way with it! When do you move in?

Wendy Younce said...

Yes, there are hardwood floors throughout. We have told the apt complex that we are moving out by January 17th, but that may change. No official move-in date is set ... yet.