Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I feel like all I ever do is get on here to complain. In fact, I think I have posted that same exact line before.

This house buying business is going to send me to the loony bin, and I believe I will happily go. We got the inspection and appraisal done last week. Everything came out okay but with a few areas of concern. Nothing that should keep us from moving forward. UNTIL..... the bank got a hold of the appraisal. One of the problems the house has is the paint is peeling on the exterior of the house and garage. Because it was built before 1978, there is a possibility of lead paint ... which isn't a problem unless you eat it. I think we are smart enough to not do that. BUT the bank wants it fixed before we can close because of the potential hazard. This is something we were going to fix ourselves once the house was officially ours ... you know, save on the labor. Now it has to be done immediately. Trying to get quotes on having the work done has not been too easy with it raining so hard today. The ones I have gotten are all over the place ... ranging from $550 to $4000.

I am trying to find peace in the midst of all this madness but am finding it very difficult. On top of the house situation, Bethany has to participate in a Science Fair at school. We missed one of the deadlines today due to procrastination on my party really. I don't want to do it ... I mean, honestly, I do NOT want to help her but I know she can't do it by herself. Then there is still Christmas to be bought. Plus, homework and studying for tests with the girls. I am feeling very overwhelmed. I know God says He will not give us more than we can bear. I think He is testing my limits.

The girls are doing very well in school with A's and B's. But it is very discouraging when Bethany brings home a 72 on a math test ... which is a D NOT a C. She still has an A in math but it is barely hanging on. So she has lost computer and TV AND has to do extra work in the afternoon. She also had a comprehension test last week that she made a 56 on AND the story was on the first page. There is no reason she couldn't have flipped back to the story to check her answers. So she is having to do extra work in comprehension also.

Well, Myron is finally home tonight. I am going to bed.

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