Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 3 of Being Snowed In

Yes, day 3 ... I think cabin-fever is setting in for ALL of us. Myron has luckily escaped. Work must go on. I think the girls and I will venture out in a little while.

I am not really sure why school was closed for the whole day as opposed to a delay. I guess there are some roads that are still pretty bad. The sun is peeking out today. Although the temperatures are not supposed to go WAY up, the sun will at least heat the areas it hits.

I am trying to paint on some trim for the kitchen. I have one more coat for a few pieces to apply today then it will be up to Myron to install. We still have to paint the doors, door trim, upper cabinets and do something with the ceiling. Then I think we can finally say we are done with the kitchen.

Our next project will be one of the bathrooms. I say our bathroom; Myron says the girl's bathroom. We will see who wins on that one.

Okay, I guess it is time to get something done around here. I hope you all have a great day!

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Tonya Roberts said...

Hang in there!!!!! I'll be thinking of you in my nice quiet house and enjoying the fact that mine are IN school!!!! LOL!!!