Friday, February 25, 2011

February Update

Where to even begin. Most of the time I update statuses on Facebook and don't take the time to post things on here. Then I remember most people who are supposed to be reading the blog aren't on Facebook.

As I look back over February, I don't remember anything much exciting happening. We had one showing on the NC house with nothing. Myron installed a new ceiling over the back porch. My kitchen is still unfinished. With the weather being so nice lately, it is hard to stay inside and out of the yard. We didn't do much in the yard last year since we didn't know what would bloom and where. I think this year will be different.

The girls are doing well in violin and school. They will both be participating in the South Carolina Music Festival in a few weeks. They are not excited about it, but I insisted.

Both girls are playing soccer in the Spring. Bethany will be on the same team as in the Fall; therefore, they will start practice tomorrow. She is very excited. Sarah will not start for another month. Not really sure how excited she is about it.

Butterscotch is still with us. I went through a little phase a few weeks ago trying to decide whether to keep him or not. He was getting on my nerves bringing in all the dead grass and leaves from outside. He was groomed last Friday which has helped tremendously with the amount of grass in the house. He really is such a sweet boy and I do dearly love him. I can't believe I wanted to get rid of him. He goes just about everywhere with me these days. I feel so bad leaving him locked up in the house for long periods of time.

Bethany will be celebrating her 10th birthday next Wednesday. It is coming up on us very quickly. Can't believe my baby girl is going to be 10.

I am trying to watch a movie with the girls while I am typing out this update. I guess I will go actually watch the movie and update later.

Have a good evening.

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