Monday, May 11, 2009

Finally.... First Communion Pictures

First Communion Children with Fr. John before the Service.

Bethany looked so grown-up but beautiful. But then I am biased.

I tried to get a sweet picture of her. I am going to have to get professional pictures done. Where is Tonya when I need her?

Bethany points out her person she made one night during her classes.

Bethany with Fr. John in front of the new Crucifix the Church got three days before Easter.

Bethany with her bff, Mason.

Friends ... what more can I say.

Bethany with her teachers, Mrs. Barcafer (left) and Mrs. Abshire (right).
You know, Catholics get a bad rap for lots of things. But First Communion cannot be one of them. There is something special about watching your child take her First Communion. It was a very sweet service devoted to the children and the new step they were taking in life.
I hope you all enjoy.

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Tonya Roberts said...

OMG! I just did first holy communion pics of another little girl here in Tucson in that exact dress that Bethany's friend Mason is wearing! Too funny! Beautiful pictures of that little girl of yours! She's so pretty and grown up!