Friday, November 20, 2009

Another House Update

My goodness... I didn't realize I haven't updated since we walked from the other house. Here it goes:
We put an offer on the For Sale by Owner that Myron felt all warm and fuzzy about. The very one I didn't get the warm and fuzzy feelings about. But you know what .... I am tired of looking. Every house I find that I like and feel I can live in, Myron finds something wrong with it and vice versa. I am NOT at fault in that area. I found lots of faults with FSBO.

Here is the description:
It is a 50 year old, 1250 sq ft house with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with a fenced in backyard. It sits on two lots which totals about 1/2 an acre. There are pecan trees and a walnut tree. There is also a two story detached building that is a one car garage, workshop and storage area. It is probably bigger than the house. We do know there are hardwood floors under the carpet. Here is the drawback and they are drawbacks for me NOT Myron ... 1. there is NO dishwasher (well, except Myron) 2. there is a place for a dishwasher but the clothes dryer currently occupies that space 3. there is a place for the clothes washer ... want to guess where it is? NOT beside the dryer like you would think ... that would be the back door on one side and the kitchen sink on the other. The washer is (drum roll please) .......... down the hall, around the corner, through the Master bedroom into the master bathroom behind the door. Did you get that? That is right Folks the washer is in the Master bathroom and the dryer is in the kitchen. LMBO!!!! Myron just keeps telling me that we will laugh so hard about this one day. I just look at him and say "Honey, I am laughing NOW!"

I am being all down about this house. But really I am not. I will just be so excited to get out of this apartment. I am starting to feel some love for this little house and it's location. It is on the same street as the girls' school. It is still about a 10 minutes drive which works for me. And Myron is a little closer to I-85 so his travel time should come down a little.

The people who currently own the house is an older couple. They are trying to move to Oklahoma to be closer to their family.

Scheduling the inspections and appraisal has been a struggle here lately. Myron wants the appraisal done before any inspections. He would rather walk if it doesn't appraise than to be out the appraisal and the inspection. Of course, if something comes up on the inspection we don't like then we still have the option to walk and will still be out both. I guess he is just afraid it will not appraise at the selling price. I don't think we will have that problem. I am more worried about the inspection showing something we will NOT want to fix. And the couple want us to get the inspection done before Thanksgiving because they have a trip planned to OK to find a house. If the house doesn't pass inspection, then they have no need to go to OK since we walk away from the deal. CRAZY CRAZY ... I tell ya! I am just about done.

Plus, on top of all that chaos, I am trying to get my Christmas shopping done. Which brings me to a whole other topic of which I do not feel like going into right now.

I will try to post pictures once the sale has been finalized which will be on December 18th.

I hope everyone is having thankful thoughts as we approach Thanksgiving next week. I'm still trying to find some. If you could share some of yours, I would most appreciate it. ;)

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Tonya said...

LOL!!!!!!! Your post just made me smile! Sounds like when we moved to AZ!!! Chris TOTALLY picked that house! On the bright side, I got to pick THIS one now that we are in Texas! Hope it all goes great for you!