Friday, March 12, 2010

More House Pictures

We are finally starting to feel like we live in a HOME. All the bedrooms have a fresh coat of paint on them. Bethany chose Lilac Whisper and Sarah chose Pink Whisper. You can't really tell the colors in these pics but you can get a feel of their rooms so far.
Bethany's Purple Room. I spent this past Monday doing a little more organizing in Bethany's room. She was SO happy to see a box out of her room. She has taken a little more care of keeping it clean.

Sarah's Room primed and ready to paint. Remember it was RED before.

Sarah's Pink Room. She is SO proud of this room. I don't have to fuss at her too much about keeping it clean.

MY Girls. I love my new washer and dryer. I am so glad that I don't have to cart clothes to the laundry mat anymore. That was such a pain.
We went to the NC house a few weeks ago with both vehicles and loaded them down. We brought back the living room chair, side table and the pieces to bunk Bethany's beds ... plus a few other odd pieces ... whatever we could get in the truck or van. We were loaded down (that would have been a picture worth taking, but I didn't). We still have to get the sofa and cocktail table. It really doesn't seem worth renting a U-haul for those two items, but I don't think the sofa will fit on the back of Myron's truck or in the back of my van.
We have to figure it out soon. Both sets of parents are coming up April 23rd for Sarah's First Communion. I at least would like to have a comfortable place for people to sit. Sarah took her First Reconciliation yesterday. She was a little nervous but did very well. I was very proud of her.
But then I am a proud Mama. Both girls are doing very well in school right now. They are challenged on a daily basis to do their best. Also in April, they will be performing in a Violin Graduating Recital. Sarah will be graduating from Pre-Twinkle and Bethany will be graduating from Pre-Twinkle and Book 1. It has taken us a while to get to where they are learning new songs, but we are finally there. Sarah is just right along in Book 1. Bethany has a few more songs before she gets caught up. Their teacher, Miss Katherine, like to review ALL the songs they already know. Unfortunately for Bethany, that has taken a while. Plus, we are having to refresh her memory about some of the songs. I have been pleasantly surprised at what she remembers.
Oh My!!!! It is 2:40 p.m. I need to pick-up the girls. This is my reading time ... waiting in carline for the girls to get out of school.
I will try my best to keep the updates up to date.


Tonya said...

Wow! It looks so pretty! Their rooms are SOOO cute! LOVE Sarah's bedding! Where did you find it?! Looks like it is all coming right along! Looks beautiful!!! Can't wait to see the end result for the rest of the place!!! :) As've worked a gorgeous miracle!

Wendy Younce said...

Nana bought Sarah's bedding at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Sarah wouldn't even look at anything else. She walked right in and picked it out. I couldn't talk her into anything a little less bold.