Friday, March 12, 2010

Long Overdue Update

I absolutely canNOT believe it has been over a month since my last update. Where does the time go?

We are officially in the house. We moved in January 31st. Here is the note I posted on Facebook about Move-in Weekend:
Weekend of January 30-31, 2010
I don't even know where to start. It was such a crazy weekend. Myron had to work on Saturday until around 4 p.m. Our original plan was to go to the NC house when he got off work, pick the U-haul up in Asheville, load some of our furniture, and bring it back; then move the apartment. That idea was squashed when a snow storm decided to move through. Unfortunately, we didn't get the snow in SC just the ice. It was SO thick on the windshield of my car that it took two days to de-ice. Instead, we went over to the house that evening and started to paint. We wanted to at least get Bethany's room painted since the girls would be sleeping there until Nana was able to bring Sarah's bed to her. But it didn't happen. We only got one and a half walls painted.
Sunday, we got up and went to pick up the U-haul around 9 a.m. By the time we got it and back to the apartment, it was around 10 a.m. We started loading with the furniture. Then we packed it full with boxes. By now it was around 12:30 p.m. We closed up the truck and grabbed lunch. Then went to the house to unload. There were still boxes and junk in the apartment.
Now, remember there was still ice EVERYwhere but the sun was out. Luckily, our apartment was on the sunny side and the ice melted on the sidewalk quickly. Unfortunately, the sun does not come up in the front of the Little House. In fact, the sun does NOT even touch the front of the house at all during the day. The sidewalk and steps were covered with a very thick layer of ice. This took up about an hour of our time trying to get it where we could walk. WHAT a MESS!!!
We got the truck unloaded and back to the U-haul store at 5:00 p.m. There was still a ton of stuff at the apartment. So we loaded the van with as much stuff as we could and took over to the house. AND still had to go back to the apartment for more. Where did ALL this stuff come from? It was CRAZ-Y!!! On the second trip, we had both vehicles crammed full of junk but got everything out of the apartment.
Our last trip got us back to the house around 10:30 p.m. Thankfully, there was a two hour delay for the girls the next day. We got them in the bed then finished unloading the vehicles. I finally told Myron to just get everything out of his truck and leave the van. I would finish it later. At 1:00 a.m., we went to bed.
My Mom came up on Monday to help me get things in order. I am SO very grateful to her. She helped me wipe the kitchen down with lots of clorox, line the shelves with shelf paper, and put things away. We also washed ALL the drapes in the dining room and living room. My Dad came up on Thursday and finished out the laundry closet. I now have an area to store my detergents until we can put up shelves.
They had to leave on Saturday. I was so sad to see them leave but hope they know how grateful I am for all their help in getting us settled. Myron and I spent the rest of the weekend getting Sarah's room primed and running the cables for TV, internet and phone.
The girls are LOVING the yard. They come home everyday wanting to play outside. They are having such a wonderful time out there. We have a little area that we would like for them to use as their very own little gardens in the Spring.

Here are some pictures of the house the Tuesday after we moved in.
Sarah graciously gave up her bed in Bethany's room so Nana would not have to sleep on the air mattress.

Bethany's Room

Living Room


There was complete chaos in every room.
Do you see in the kitchen picture where the trash can is located? That is where the dishwasher goes. It sat in that spot for a little while because we had to have an electrician come in to wire it up. There is NO ground wires, or whatever you call it, in this house. We finally hired an electrician who started this week changing out all the wiring in the house. As of today, he has finished the kitchen, dining room and living room, except the switches.

My dishwasher is officially in and working. And believe me, it has worked too. About the time I had Myron trained to dry the dishes while I washed, the dishwasher was installed. It was SO nice having him dry while I washed. It made for quick clean-up after meals.

I will post again with more pictures. I believe this post is getting a BIT lengthy.

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