Sunday, January 17, 2010

House Update: January 15, 2010

The hardwood floors are underway. They look absolutely amazing. George should be done with them by the end of the week.

Remember the spot in the Master Bedroom, this is it now. It should come out completely before it is all over.

Here are the possible stains for the white oak. The one on the left is just poly and the one on the right is a mix George had used on another job. We decided to go with the three coats of poly.
This is Bethany's room with the coarse sanding done. All it needs now is a fine sanding and some poly.
Sarah's room is almost done also. Still needs the fine sanding and poly.
Here is a picture of the dust containment system. I have been assured that it will collect about 90% of the dust that sanding the floors creates.

The kitchen floors are cleaning up so nicely. If you remember, there was some yucky, yucky black tar on these floors at one time. We are so excited to see them finished. We decided to go with a darker stain in the kitchen than the rest of the house. We have chosen Cabot Sangria. It is a rich red color. It is going to be beautiful ... I hope ... hee hee.

Another view of the kitchen floors.

Unfortunately, there will not be too many more pictures of the floor refinishing process until they are completely finished. Myron and George have banned me from entering the house until it is all finished ... spoiled sports. No, really I don't want to take any chances of messing anything up for George. I want him to be able to do the floors right and without any disturbances from us.
Need a GOOD floor refinisher ... I have just the man. Need a GOOD Handyman ... I know that man too.

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