Sunday, January 3, 2010

House Update: January 2, 2010

I almost typed 2009 ... ha ha ha.
Today we spent the WHOLE day pulling up carpet, padding, tack strips and staples. OMGosh ... the staples. It was SO hard to get all those staples up. Myron even had a blister on his hand. I felt so bad for him. But I just couldn't get some of them.
Here are the floors completely exposed:
Living Room

Hallway with Telephone Booth

Bethany is vacuuming her room and yes those are earmuffs. She is so funny.

Master Bedroom. Don't ask me what that spot is ... I have no idea.

Sarah's Room. She has agreed to the smaller room.

On Sunday, we finished pulling up the tack strips and staples in the Living Room. It was the only room we didn't completely finish on Saturday.
After all the carpet, tack strips and staples were removed; we moved into the kitchen. We were trying to get as much of the tar/glue up as we could. The girls just had to have a try at the sander.

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Tonya Roberts said...

WOW! It's looking so great! I love what I'm seeing! Can't wait to see the whole enchilada all shiny and done!