Friday, January 15, 2010

Bethany at the Spelling Bee

Some time back before Christmas, both girls had a class spelling bee. Bethany was one of two winners in her class. Therefore she got to go to the Regional Spelling Bee where she competed with six other 3rd grade classes which was held yesterday.

Myron took off work so he could be there with her. We were so proud of her. She was very nervous. She drew seat 11 and there were only 12 contestants in her group. We had been practicing different words but we were using words like: casserole, machinery, college, etc. We were SO surprised that the words were only four to five letters long. There was one that was six letters: ribbon. Bethany got beef, skim, pants, lasso and there may have been another but those were the only ones I could remember. The one she got stuck on was sense/cents. She didn't think about it until she started to spell it that it could have been the other one. So she said "s" and couldn't change it once she started. She just finished spelling the word and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, she didn't pick the right word and was disqualified. She DID spell the word correctly just not the right word. She made it to the Top 5. She was SO close. She was devastated.

Again, we were SO proud of both the girls that represented Prince of Peace's 3rd grade classes.

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