Friday, August 19, 2011

First Summer Trip

The girls and I planned a trip to see Aunt Kathy. We arrived on Monday, June 20th and didn't leave until Friday, June 24th. We had a blast! I just hope we didn't wear our welcome out because I want to go back next year. We relaxed, ate when we wanted to, shopped when we wanted to, swam when we wanted to, went to the beach when we wanted to .... We had SO much fun and appreciated SO much for Aunt Kathy entertaining us.

The first thing that happened was Butterscotch christening Aunt Kathy's sofa upon our arrival. Yep, the stupid dog hiked his leg and peed on the back of her couch. I was SHOCKED, to say the least! I could NOT believe what I was seeing as I stood there and tried to comprehend and react ALL at the same time. I said a few ugly words that I should not have said but they came out before I could stop them.

On Tuesday, we went to the beach. Luckily, Aunt Kathy still had the Boogie boards which made the girls VERY happy. Of course, I had to get a picture of them with their chosen boards before heading out into the ocean.

It took them a few tries but they figured it out. They were riding those waves like experts :)

They eventually needed a little break from the waves and made Sarah into a mermaid. Of course, Mommy helped a little.

Then Sarah wanted to sculpt a sand shark. We had to have the "funny" picture.

If we weren't at the beach, then the girls were in the pool. They played so hard everyday. I think Sarah is trying to drown Bethany ... LOL!


My Sweet Girls!

Taking pictures of my girls from the comfort of the lounge chair.


We had to replace some of Aunt Kathy's noodles and we bought the max squirt thingies. Why did we do that? Looks like Bethany was after someone.

What, Mom, another picture? Geez!

Sarah always has a smile for the camera.

Bethany catches a wave.

Sarah is enjoying her ride on the wave.

The last night we enjoyed a dinner out to Reggae J's grill.

This is where Butterscotch spent ALL of his time ... inside the house.

THANK YOU, AUNT KATHY!!!! We love you ... and your pool ... hee hee!

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