Friday, August 19, 2011

Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge Vacation

We kept our vacation simple ... well, we thought it was going to be simple ... this year and headed to Tennessee for Dollywood and Splash Country. Upon our arrival on Saturday, July 9th, we started going through ALL the brochures for the area. We came across the Mysterious Mansion in Gatlinburg. The girls just HAD to go. They wouldn't talk about anything else. So we went into Gatlinburg and I dropped them off in front of the Mansion. Daddy had to go because Mommy sure WASN'T going in there. That is one thing I do NOT like ... being scared. Because it wasn't too busy, we were able to get a picture with some of the characters.

We had to take pictures next to the river.

The girls are SO crazy. Bethany wanted to act like she was shoving Sarah into the river and Sarah didn't want her touching her.

We headed back to the hotel for some pool time. It was the only night we were able to enjoy it.

On Sunday, we spent the WHOLE day at Splash Country. I didn't buy the waterproof camera this time around so was only able to get a few pictures when the girls went to the play area where the bucket dump was.

They had a BLAST!

It does look like Bethany was having fun!

Sarah poses for a picture.

On Monday, we headed to Dollywood. The first ride was the Barnstormer. The girls watched it before getting on; then decided they would ride it with Daddy.

Here they are strapping in.

First Rise ... not too bad.

2nd Rise ... still not too bad.

3rd Rise ... well, that one is getting up there.

4th Rise ... surely that is the last rise.

Nope ... 5th Rise ... now, that is up there!

Sarah and Daddy came off smiling; Bethany looked like she was in tears.

I had to get a picture after the Barnstormer.

Daredevil Falls. I cannot tell you HOW many times the girls rode this ride. I could not resist buying this picture.

I don't remember the name of this ride but the riders are trying to shoot the watchers and the watchers can shoot the riders. It was funny watching the adults running from one water gun to the next.

Our little chicks :)

Silly Pictures.

Styling Sarah!

Bad Bethany!!!

Riding ... I can't remember the names of these rides ... LOL!!! They loved the water rides.

At the Country Fair. They got Daddy on this ride with them.

The swings. The batteries were going dead on my camera and wouldn't snap fast enough to catch them. This was the only one that had both girls in it. How sad! The first time we ever went to Dollywood Sarah was 2 1/2 years old and was not tall enough to ride the swings. She was devastated. It was so special to see the smile on her face when she was able to ride the swings this time.

Every day, we said we were going to leave the parks before they closed and every day, we closed the parks. We had SO much fun watching the girls ride all the rides. We were able to get them to at least try ALL the rides. We didn't necessarily make them ride it again but we were able to get them to give each one a chance.

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