Friday, August 19, 2011

Visits with Grandparents

This year we decided to let go and allow the girls to spend a little alone time with the grandparents. It really wasn't a hard decision to make ... hee hee.

On Saturday, July 23rd I dropped the girls off with Grandpa and Grandma Burkhardt. The girls had fun going to church, going out to eat with family, swimming, .... I really don't know what all they got to do but I know they had a really good time. They also got to visit with Grandpa Lonnie where they got to milk a goat. Unfortunately no one thought to take a picture for me. :(

Tuesday night when we talked to the girls, Bethany told me that she was not ready to come home and didn't miss me. I hope she was just kidding but I have a feeling she meant it a little bit anyway.

On Wednesday, July 27th Grandpa and Grandma Burkhardt came to visit with us for a few days and brought the girls back with them. I'm not sure how the trip went but am glad that it was them and not me in the car for over 9 hours ... LOL!!! We had a really great, relaxing visit with them.

On Monday, August 1st Grandpa and Grandma pulled out with the girls in tow. They were taking the girls to Nana and Pop's for a stay. Again glad it was them and not ME!!

While they were with Nana and Pop, they went fishing, swimming, horseback riding ... I got phone pictures on a daily basis showing me how much fun they were having.

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Tonya said...

I haven't been brave enough to do that with our kids yet. Probably never! Hope you enjoyed your mommy time!!!!