Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hump Day

Today is a very busy day for me. I still have to dust, vacuum, mop and clean the girls' room. Plus, I have to bring all the junk they carried downstairs on Sunday back up to their room. Yes, I know what you are thinking ... make them do it. BUT, I can't wait for them to do it. I have to get it done before I go to pick Bethany up from school. That way when we get home, we can focus on dinner and Bethany's presentation she is going to give at school tomorrow. So much to do. I did get a good bit down yesterday while Sarah was home sick. I cleaned up the laundry room, the guest room, and the living room. At least the living room was clean until Bethany came home from school and took a bunch of junk in there. UGH!!! The joys of kids being HOME!

My parents are coming up today so they will be able to go to school tomorrow to see Bethany make her presentation. She had to do a report on Louisa May Alcott. Tomorrow she will have to dress up like Alcott and tell about her to her classmates. They will also be here to celebrate Bethany's birthday on Saturday. Her official birthday is not until Monday. But we are going to have a little party here at the house on Saturday.

Nana made Bethany's costume. Every time I have talked to her over the last few weeks she has been cussing that dress. Plus, she says she will never do this again. But she will ... I know she will. When I call next year to tell her Sarah has to have a costume, she will jump on the chance to help out. I love my Mother for that. I can do a little sewing but nothing like she can. I am very grateful that she is so willing to help with projects like these.

My parents haven't been up for a visit since last May. They are in for a shocker. Since May, we have almost finished the basement. We are still waiting (can't figure out why though) to finish the columns, but the room is usable. We also got new bedroom furniture which they haven't seen. Lots of changes for them to check out.

Please pray they have a safe trip.

Well, I better start chipping away at that "to do" list. Have a good day!

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Tonya Roberts said...

Wow! It's been Hump Day for a REALLY long time there in North Carolina! Is it like the movie "Groundhog Day"? I just keep waking up and doing hump day all over again?