Friday, February 13, 2009

Week Recap

Here is a photo from the Violin Recital on Saturday. These are all Holly's students.
Week Recap
Monday was just a normal day. Nothing too exciting happened.
Tuesday was a short day at school which meant we could go to riding lessons earlier. That night I was asked to attend the Lector (Reader) meeting. I was very apprehensive about attending this meeting. The Readers are the ones who have been more vocal about the new scheduling process. They don't like it ... well, some of them don't. But what really bummed me out was the one person I was hoping wouldn't be there ... WAS! The same man who gave me such a hard time at the Eucharistic Minister meeting was at the Lector meeting. Again, what a Pain in the A**!!! I do not like him very much as a person. He is just too ... what is the word ... opinionated. He was asking me all these questions that I know I have answered to the best of my ability. Unfortunately for me, he is not satisfied with my answers. I am not telling him what he wants to hear. Well, there is another person added to the mix ... his Wife. Now understand that I have run two schedules since I started scheduling the ministers. But have only run one schedule on this new program. ONE SCHEDULE. The wife looks at me and says "if the program isn't working, maybe it should be scrapped." How can she even say that? I mean... I have only run one schedule. I told them in the beginning I knew there would be problems, but with their patience and understanding, we would get through it. I guess that was too much to ask. I don't think I will be going to any more meetings. I am not going to subject myself to the "firing squad" again. And that is exactly what it felt like.
Wednesday brought the 100th day of school celebration (although it was really the 101st day of school) in 2nd grade plus Choir plus the start of Bethany's First Eucharist classes. Here are a few pictures from the Celebration.

Thursday was violin day.

Friday was the Valentine's parties. What fun both the girls had today. They couldn't wait to go through all their Valentine's.
Saturday, Sarah has a birthday party to attend and Myron and I have a date night. I am excited that we will finally have a night out without the girls. I love them very much but I need a break.
Sunday, the girls are singing in the choir at church. They seem to enjoy being in the choir.
That seems to be all I have for today. I think less is more for today.
Thankful Thought: Friends ... especially Karen and Kelly. I enjoy their company and beating Kelly at Scrabble ... finally.

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