Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekly Update

I can't seem to get to this blogger as often as I was. At least I am getting a weekly update in every now and then.

Valentines Day: Myron and I had a date night. Can't remember the last time we had one. I cooked dinner at home ... spaghetti. Nothing exciting at all. Then Myron and I went to the Asheville Symphony. To tell you the truth. I had a hard time staying awake. Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself. We were early getting downtown so decided to get a dessert somewhere. Turned out we could be sat immediately at Carmel's at the Grove Arcade ... very yummy. I hope we can go back to enjoy dinner there one day. The menu looked really good. On our way home, Myron felt something happen to the rear brakes on his truck. He could stop but it took him longer than normal.

Sunday: The girls sang in the choir or at least attempted to. They just don't sing out as loudly in church as they do when they are listening to Hannah Montana or High School Musical. But they did good. They behaved at least. When we got home, Myron went to check out what happened to his brakes. He couldn't get the brake drums off the rear axle. So he gave up ... WHAT?!?! Not my husband. But yes he did. He said he didn't have the tools to complete the job and decided to leave it to the professionals.

Monday: We dropped the girls off at school then dropped Myron's truck off at the shop. Then we had the day together. It was so nice. We went to Target, Kohl's, Best Buy, Lowe's, and a pet store. We also had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. It was such a nice time just looking and shopping around. We bought a few things and shopped for some big things (fridge and dog).

Tuesday: Myron's truck is still in the shop. The professionals couldn't get the drums off the axle. So we drop the girls off at school and then I drop Myron off at work. Then I go back to work for a few hours; go home to get dinner in the oven; pick the girls up from school; take the girls to horseback riding lessons; and pick Myron up from work. I felt like I spent the whole day in the car driving all around.

Wednesday: Mryon's truck is still in the shop. They did get the drums off but still need to finish up. Wednesday is a very busy and long day for us. Unfortunately, Myron has to be at work before 8:00. We can't drop the girls off at school until 7:30. So Myron drops the girls and I off at my office. We hang out there until I can walk them to school ... oh yeah, in the rain ... on picture day no less. We have plenty of time to get their hair fixed up. When the girls get out of school, they have choir from 5:00 until 5:45 and then Bethany has her First Communion classes from 6:30 until 7:45. Sometime I have to get them dinner ... without a car. Our original plan was to hopefully pick Myron's truck up between 3 and 5. But it wasn't ready. So I humbly request a co-worker to drive me to Papa John's to pick up dinner for the girls while they are at choir. Myron calls right before 5 to say his truck is ready. I told him I could take him to pick it up as long as it was before 6:30. So we leave Bethany at her class and head to pick up his truck. Then he takes Sarah home and I go wait for Bethany. Oh my... it was such a hectic day.

Thursday: Nothing too exciting happened this day. I decided not to go to work and to come home to clean house. Although after it was done, I didn't feel like I had done much. But oh well... I tried.

Friday: I went to work. Bethany's class hosted Mass that day so I went to Mass. Then I had lunch with my very dear friend, Karen. I always say this but I wish we would plan that every month. That afternoon I went to Target to buy HSM3. Can't go without the complete set.

Saturday: We had a meeting with our investment guy. We started college funds for the kids a few years back. Now we are talking about our retirements. Come to find out, we are not saving enough. We went to Wal-Mart to try to get new tires on Myron's truck. But they couldn't get the wheels off because he has out of market rims (custom rims). He was told that if he takes the wheels off himself, they will replace the tires. That night we went to the Catholic Social Services Dinner and Auction. There were a few things we would have liked to win but the prices ended up going over our limits.

Sunday: Well, that is today and it is snowing. It has been snowing all day but not sticking. I guess I should be thankful for that but really I wish it would. We went to church, ordered Bethany's birthday cake for Saturday, and Myron took the wheels off and took them to Wal-Mart to have new tires put on. Bethany finally finished the Famous Person report that was sent home over two weeks ago and is due tomorrow ... nothing like waiting until the last minute. My parents are coming in to town on Wednesday (at least Nana is, I'm not sure about Pop) for Bethany's party. We are not having the big deal this year. Just a small get together with friends.

I look forward to this week. My little girl will be turning 8 on the 2nd. They are growing up so fast. I miss the "baby" days ... sometimes. I have lots to do before Wednesday and then before Saturday. It is like my week is broken up between the time before the Grands get here and then before Bethany's party. Luckily the party will not require a whole lot. Just a few party favors and the cake with supplies. I think I am going to make homemade pizza. Haven't quite figured that part out yet. But there is still time.

I think I have said enough. I hope I can get a post in before the end of the next week.

Have a great week.


Tonya Roberts said...

Wow! Sounds like things have been NUTS at your house! Hope this weeks goes more smoothly! Can you believe Bethany us turning EIGHT???!! Holy cow. I remember when she was born! Like it was yesterday! Have fun celebrating!

carolina chic said...

Our babies are growing up! (And you said no one ever reads your blog!)
Have fun with your parents and at Bethany's party!