Monday, August 17, 2009

Finally Something New ... well maybe not so new

The girls started school today. They were so excited. They have been counting down the days.

On their way out the door.

Sarah found a friend when we first walked in the gym. So she sat right down with her class and waited for school to begin. Bethany took a little longer, but she finally started talking to the little girl who was sitting in front of her. I was able to stay in the gym until they dismissed for class.
Then I went to the Sip N Sob. That was a little crazy ... kind of like Orientation last Thursday (which I haven't posted on here yet just Facebook). No name tags, no direction, no welcome ... nothing. I am not liking the parent part of this school. But I know ... that is not why we chose this school. We chose it for the girls and their education.
Speaking of education, Bethany is going to have to kick it in gear for the first part of the school year. This school actually teaches cursive writing in 2nd grade. So by October, they expect all 3rd graders to be writing in cursive writing. I think she will pick it up rather quickly. She already had an interest in it last year. Bethany will have regular tests and quizzes.
Sarah will start learning cursive writing starting in October and should be reading and writing by February. Plus, she will be taking her First Reconciliation and First Communion this school year. All will be done at school so no special trips back to the church at night ... whewwww!!! Sarah will also have weekly quizzes and tests.
They will receive letter grades instead of G's and VG's. Pop, you better get your wallet ready for report card days.
I look forward to picking them up this afternoon and hearing about all the fun they had on their first day at a new school.

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