Monday, August 17, 2009

House Update

We finally decided to put the house in the hand of God, St. Joseph and a Realtor. Although, we put it in God's hands some time ago, I still have to remember He is in control.

We met with two ladies ... a Mother/Daughter team (Sandra and Kelly). We are very hopeful with what they had to say. We made a few minor changes to the house ... very minor ... knobs on bathroom cabinetry, decorative towels, bathroom rug, bed in the girls room (which is just two blow up mattresses on a bed frame, but don't tell anyone). Did you know when they stage a house that most of the time they use blow up mattresses for the beds? I had no idea. How funny is that!!! But it works. Plus, we already had an unused bedding set that worked great in a blue room.

Our curb appeal was shredded by a recent hail storm so we had to cut everything down and apply mulch.

Hopefully they will get a sign in the yard and posted on MLS some time this week.

I am keeping my faith in God and my hopes up that someone will come along that will absolutely fall in love with our house.

Please pray that God will send a buyer our way. Positive thoughts: "house will sell, house will sell."

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