Wednesday, August 27, 2008

8th Day of School

I was informed by my very wonderful friend, Tonya, that I need to update my blog. She is tired of reading the same things. I just haven't had anything to post that is of any interest.

But then tonight as I was putting the girls to bed, I asked Sarah if she got in trouble at school. And of course it came out that she got her name on the board AGAIN!!!! I have to say I am more than a little disappointed in her. Because she didn't learn her lesson the first time. That's right... she got her name on the board again for the same reason she got it on the board last week ... playing with the same little girl. It is really sad that getting her name on the board does not seem to bother her. If she gets her name on the board, she loses 5 minutes of recess. Which means she has to sit in the classroom while all the other children go outside to play. One consolation is that the other little girl did get her name on the board this time. At what point do we begin punishment at home for her getting her name on the board? And then I think that if I start asking her every day if she got her name on the board, that eventually she will start lying to me about it. And I definitely do not want to start that cycle. We already have a few issues with that. I'm just aggravated by it, I guess. I want them both to be good girls in school and follow the rules. But it doesn't seem to be a "perfect" world. We will have to have a few more discussions with her tomorrow. Tonight it was time for them to go to bed.

Tomorrow I am going shopping, clothes shopping, with two ladies I work with at the Church. They love to shop ... I mean love to shop. I have kind of gotten out of the "love" of shopping. But I am looking forward to trying on clothes and having a few laughs with no whiners tagging along. We will probably just end up at Stein Mart because it is close to the school and I am on a limited time schedule. It's sad that nothing opens until 10 a.m. and the girls get out of school at 3 p.m. Then they have violin at 3:30 so I have to be at the school early. Hopefully I will come away with some cute outfits. We are going to Disney in November and I need a few things to add to my wardrobe since I will be unable to wash clothes while we are there. I will let you know how it all turns out.

I am off to finish cleaning the kitchen. It is hard to get up in the morning to fix breakfast and lunches with dirty dishes in the sink and the counters cluttered.

Good Night!!!

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Tonya Roberts said...

Excellent update my friend! I will expect a full update on the shopping trip tomorrow! Hold nothing back! I LOVE shopping!