Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 3 of School

Yep... It's day "3" of school and guess what? Sarah got her name on the board today. I have to tell you... I was not too happy. And I heard about it, not from Sarah directly, but from Sarah telling Bethany about it while they were in the tub. I know, I know. These things happen and it will be a learning lesson for her. But I was really hoping it wouldn't have happened this early in the school year. And to top it off, the little girl she was playing with didn't get her name on the board because she didn't get caught. Now, I have to ask: what kind of friend is that? Then the little girl proceeded to talk Sarah into letting her (the little girl) pinch her (Sarah) during recess. Poor Sarah said it hurt really bad. It left a little red dot on the top of her hand. Of course, she didn't tell on her because she doesn't want to be a tattler. Again, what kind of friend is that? I had to explain to Sarah that this little girl is really not her friend if she wants to hurt her, intentionally. The little girl is bullying Sarah and I feel I have no control over the situation. It's only the 3rd day and I don't want to be dealing with these things this early in the year. I can tell it is going to be a long, long year.

Bethany is doing good in her class. They are learning lots of stuff about the Olympics. She came home yesterday talking about Michael Phelps and all the medals he has won. I was very impressed. Sarah hasn't said too much about her class except that they do a lot of work. I guess there is not as much play time as there was in Kindergarten.


Tonya Roberts said...

lzOh! The Adventures of 1st grade! She will settle in and do just fine! Besides...someone has to be the first one to get their name up on the board, right?! She just paved the way for all of the other kids to get their names up there!

Wendy Younce said...

Luckily she wasn't the first. There was a little boy that got his name on the board on the 2nd and 3rd day. I was just a little disappointed. But good news!!!! No bad notes came home on Friday. YEAH!!!!