Friday, August 15, 2008

My First Blog

Okay, I am officially blogging. I have been reading everyone else's blogs and keeping up with their families. Well, now it is my turn. I'm a little excited. Although, I am not a very good writer. I don't always have funny things to share. But I will try to share the highlights.

We have two days until school starts. YEAH!!! I'm a little ready. I do enjoy having the girls home especially on days like today. They have been such a joy and have played ver
y well together. I don't think they have fought one time (knock on wood).

We went to the Country Club pool with friends today. No, we are not members but luckily we know people who are. The girls have really enjoyed swimming this summer since they took lessons. They are like two little fishes swimming around now. This picture was taken while we were in Gulf Shores this summer. They have really come a long way in just a few months.

Here is my insight for the day: If you ever think of buying furniture from Ashley Furniture, well let me help you reconsider. We bought bedroom and a sectional sofa in April from Ashley Furniture. It was supposed to be delivered in June ... June 24th to be exact. We received a phone call on Saturday, June 21st saying the armoire top to our bedroom set was damaged but they would deliver the rest. On Tuesday, they brought out the bedroom furniture (with a busted chest of drawers and a dinged armoire bottom) but no sofa. Guess what? The sofa was damaged. So they sent out a technician to fix the chest but we were not happy with a "fix". So they said they would replace it ... like I thought otherwise. Then the next week they brought out a new sofa but it had a cracked cup holder in it. Luckily the customer service is very nice. We have had no problems getting the pieces reordered ... we are just having problems with the pieces coming to us undamaged. Okay, so we still have to have the chest, armoire base and don't forget the armoire top (which we never did receive) replaced. We are told that the bedroom furniture cannot be delivered until August 5th. But guess what? The delivery guys show up with an armoire base and a chest of drawers but NO armoire top which was the first item we were told was damaged and would be replaced. It took me three ... yes, THREE days to finally get the answer, I knew was coming anyway, that an armoire top would be delivered on August 13th. Of course, it didn't get delivered until today the 14th. So I have to say ... ordered in April, delivered in June, July and August. Let me compare this to another furniture story..... We ordered on-line from Haverty's two base pieces to an entertainment center for the basement. The order was placed on July 4th and could have been delivered on the 9th but we were out of town. So it was delivered on July 18th. The items came earlier than they were supposed to with out a scratch or ding nor a broken piece of glass. The lesson we learned from this is ... to not shop at Ashley Furniture. We have bought plenty of furniture in the 10 1/2 years Myron and I have been married and not once did we ever have as much trouble getting non-damaged furniture as we have had this time. I will try to post pictures of the two rooms soon. Then you can let me know if it was worth the trouble.

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Tonya Roberts said...

Ooooh! Furniture frustrations! Sounds like our leather furniture we ordered a few years back. It a crate, on a boat, across the ocean...on a very UNDETERMINABLE timeline! And of course took MUCH longer than the estimated date of delivery! good luck sorting it all out! It will be worth it in the end! Keep up the blogging!