Friday, August 29, 2008

Prayer Request

We found out this morning that Myron's 1st cousin, Lil' Gene, commited suicide today. I don't know any details. He leaves behind his wife, 5-month old son, a Mom, Dad, two sisters and many more relatives. I'm not sure of his age but I know early 30's. Myron and his sister, Kathy, were really close to Gene growing up. They were more like a bunch of brothers and sisters rather than cousins. They spent lots of time together on their Grandparent's farm ... most of all getting into trouble and doing things that they shouldn't have.

His Mother, Patricia, is having a very hard time dealing with this as you can imagine. No parent is supposed to outlive their child. Unfortunately, it happens too often.

My heart is breaking for the Morris/Krauss family. Especially, the wife, Denise, who will now raise the 5-month old on her own. Please remember this family in your prayers. I do pray God will heal their hearts and help them find peace (if that is at all possible, but then anything is possible with God, right?).

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